40% of Canadians approve the “Leap Manifesto” according to Poll

So it appears Canadians are brainwashed after all, a new iPolitics poll conducted by EKOS seems to suggest that the Leap Manifesto is not that unpopular (40% approve of it). Of course this also suggests that most Canadians have embraced a scary form of communism since the Leap Manifesto basically wants to shut down our oil industry, tax the rich 60% to 90%, force everyone into tiny homes with limited energy resources and end all trade agreements that would increase our “carbon” foot print.

The Guardian reports that “a new poll shows just how wrong they were: far from recoiling from the Leap Manifesto, people are embracing it. Among the large and growing number of Canadians who have heard about the Leap Manifesto, half support it. That includes a majority of New Democrats and Greens, half of Liberal voters, and even twenty percent of Conservatives.”

Even more scary is the fact that 20% of Conservative’s support the Leap Manifesto.


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Bobby McGill

April 30, 2016 Reply

BS poll
its all socialism bordering on communism
just gross

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