Arrogant Trudeau forces reporters to ask him questions directed to Bill Morneau at tax reform conference

Trudeau bullies the media.

After a very tough week Trudeau decided to pull a Trump style press conference and have the media ask questions, the only problem is Trudeau is supposed be the total opposite of Trump, his image is that of a feminist, he’s soft, and supposedly well like by the media.

But on Tuesday Trudeau took a combative role when the press wanted to ask Finance Minister Bill Moreau questions regarding his blind trust, that’s when Trudeau snapped and didn’t allow the media to ask Morneau direct questions,  instead Trudeau insisted “I’ll take questions.”

Trudeau’s actions even infuriated his CBC media pals, “Yeah, that was awkward,” CBC’s David Cochrane tells The Current’s Anna Maria Tremonti.

“Everyone in our newsroom kind of gasped as we were watching it, but Trudeau is their best political weapon so he was deployed to do their toughest political battle right now — domestically anyway.”

“This started as a brush fire. It’s turned into a wildfire and Trudeau is the guy they’re counting on to put it out.”

PM Justin Trudeau’s actions were quickly chided by folks on social media.

Trudeau who claims to be a feminist even embarrassed a female reporter.

Do you think Ottawa’s failures are finally catching up to Trudeau ?



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