As record number are out of work Liberals want more Chinese workers to work in Canada

John McCallum wants to attract more Chinese temporary workers to come to work in Canada at a time when 31,000 just lost their jobs last month.

Immigration Minister John McCallum says the Liberal government is trying to make it easier for Chinese tourists, students and temporary workers to get visas to come to Canada — but not to the overheated housing markets of Vancouver and Toronto.

McCallum said he had “very positive and open” discussions with Chinese officials last week, seeking permission to double or triple the number of visa application centres where Chinese people can apply to come to Canada. There are currently five, including Hong Kong.

“We would like to spread the immigrants across the country relatively evenly,” said McCallum.

McCallum also went as far to suggest he’d like to see Chinese immigrants spread outside of Toronto and Vancouver.

As thousands of Canadians lost their jobs last month alone, some are suggesting Liberals may be out of touch.


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