Canada under attack: ISIS supporter in Edmonton runs over cop, runs pedestrians with truck

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Canada under attack: ISIS supporter in Edmonton runs over cop, runs pedestrians with truck

Canada has sadly come under attack by ISIS inspired terrorists. As Canada’s border remain open and thousands of Syrian refugees have been brought over here, Edmonton folks experienced a night of Islamic terrorism.

The events unfolded after a police officer was run over and stabbed, outside a CFL Eskimo’s game.

A terror attack in Canada has left several injured after a cop was stabbed and a car deliberately rammed pedestrians driven by a suspect with an ISIS flag.

Police said that the attack began with a man, 30, driving his car “at high speed” at a police checkpoint outside an American football game in Edmonton, Alberta, attended by thousands of people.

Just two hours later, police investigating the earlier attack pulled over a truck.

The suspect, from Edmonton, fled when his name was recognised as the owner of the vehicle used in the initial attack, according to local media.

At a press conference, police said they were treating the two incidents as “acts of terror” and said that while they believed the attacker “acted alone” they were not ruling out that others may have been involved.

Police have also confirmed an ISIS flag was seen in the suspect’s vehicle – photos of which were taken by local media at the scene.

The flipped U haul truck was stolen by the terrorist and started running people over.

An ISIS was found inside the car of the terrorist.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau has come under fire, for claiming Canadians don’t have to fear ISIS.

Trudeau is also being questioned about his $10.5 million dollar payment to terrorist Omar Khadr.

This is Canada’s third Islamic terror attack in recent years.


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