CBC Toronto Twitter account engages users in bizarre Halloween rant

Leave it to the CBC to tell you how to dress up for Halloween.

A CBC “reporter” apparently got hold off the main CBC Toronto Twitter account and began engaging users about the meaning of Halloween.

The Toronto CBC account posted this tweet about Toronto schools being given new rules regarding Halloween costumes.

As you would imagine not everyone agreed with the Tweet, rightly so since this is a free country and one user even replied saying what exactly is a proper Halloween costume? And why not dress up as some historical figures, that’s when when CBC employee Lucas Powers took hold of the CBC Twitter handle and replied “Why does your celebration have to involve trivializing history and culture? Why is your celebration more important than people? Honest Qs.

Things really got more silly after Lucas Powers actually suggested the types of Halloween costumes that are in his mind offensive.

Things got real ugly for Powers, as users took him to task.

One has to wonder does everyone at the CBC share these same ideas?




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