CTV News uses NDP attack line against Jason Kenney

Posted September 30, 2017 12:49 am by Comments

The NDP has been going after Jason Kenney regarding gay kids, according to the NDP Jason Kenney wants to “out gay kids.” The entire issues stems from Jason Kenney wanting parents to know if their kids are joining a gay straight alliance in Alberta schools. But now even CTV news is spreading NDP fear mongering.

Remove CTV news from mandatory cable service ?


Jason Kenney has been under tack by the left.

Left wing rags call Jason Kenney a populist snake oil salesman.

The Alberta NDP claims Kenney’s United Conservative Party will destroy families trying to raise gay children, talk about being so dramatic. One wonders if Rachel Notley understands how much damage socialism has caused the world.

As Alberta continues to bleed good oil sector jobs, the NDP seem more focused on attacking conservatives with falsehoods.

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