David Suzuki TV ad uses children to promote paranoia about climate change

David Suzuki is once again on TV, the 80 year old climate “expert” was the focus of an Ontario TV ad about climate change but what makes this particular ad different is the fact that Suzuki fills a room with kids and tells them if we don’t act now to battle climate change then all you are doomed.

David Suzuki should be ashamed to use kids as props to lie about his climate change cult.


  • agsterino

    It is the children that will have to live in the world that is results from our environment ignorance and mismanagement. The most intelligent animals should be good stewards, not short sighted, self centred, greedy abusers.

  • bc boy

    David suzuki is not a climate expert. He has repeatedly said that himself. Refuses to accept science on the issue. He only speaks for money. That is his job to decieve people. This is nothing short of a brainwashing experiment. He should be publicly hanged