Donald Trump invites press to off-the-record session at Mar-A-Lago

The press pool covering him reported, “Trump stopped by a staff off the record with reporters at Mar-a-Lago, mingling for about a half hour and according to [Trump press director] Stephanie Grisham decided to go to dinner afterwards. We are told we can report the fact that Trump and Melania stopped by the OTR with reporters.”

It is not unusual for elected officials to hold off-the-record meetings with the press — ostensibly to give journalists insight into the principal’s thinking on an issue. This particular session took place as journalists continue to protest the fact that Mr. Trump has yet to hold a news conference since his election. It’s now been 145 days since his last news conference. He has, since the election, given interviews to CBS News, to New York Times reporters, and to Fox News, but the press conference he was to hold last week about the resolution of his business conflicts was postponed until the new year.


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