George Soros Open Society Foundation is working with the Trudeau government on refugee sponsorship

Canada has accepted more than 25,000 Syrian refugees thanks in part to George Soros, and the United Nations. Now a group is exporting Canada’s “global refugee sponsorship initiative.”

A new pro immigration video featuring Ahmed Hussen Canada’s immigration minister explains the initiative.

Many Canadians are worried about billionaire Soros meddling in Canada’s immigration system. The Canadian Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau has teamed up with leftwing philanthropist George Soros to make Canada a case study for Syrian refugee integration.

Canada’s growing border crisis is just another example of Trudeau and Soros working destabilize Canada, as is being reported by TheRebel.

Last year, Open Society Foundations began working with the Canadian government, the UNHCR, the University of Ottawa, and the Radcliffe Foundation on a Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI) The project is spreading the word about the Canadian private and community refugee sponsorship model. It supports countries and civil society organizations interested in adopting community sponsorship models in new jurisdictions around the world.

In Wales, Thomas, and other members of her community created the Welcome Fishguard Commuity Sponsorship Group. Theirs was one of the first to respond to a UK scheme first announced in July 2016 by the British Home Affairs Minister Amber Rudd and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Under this new UK Community Sponsorship program, local groups agree to sponsor refugee families and help them integrate into life in the UK. They help their new families find housing, access medical and social services, arrange English language tuition, and support them with employment, leading to self-sufficiency.

Community sponsorship, Clements says, “enables local people to take responsibility for resettling a refugee family, supporting and empowering them to rebuild their lives.” Canada’s record shows how it has “improved outcomes for refugees and made communities more welcoming.”

Even though the government wants to present a positive outcome for Syrian refugees, the fact is most are still struggling. Privately sponsored Syrian refugees only receive financial help for one year and many have now resorted to receiving welfare and rely on social assistance to get by.


  1. This entire affair constitutes treason. They should hang Justin just like his government hung my forefathers.

  2. SLAM BAM you are right.


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