Islamic terror suspect killed in London Ontario as he tried to blow himself up near police

Another close call for Canadians after an Islamic terrorist was shot and killed after he tried to “blow” himself up before police arrived at his house

According to sources the would be jihadi was living in Strathroy Ontario, near London “A suspect whom police feared planned to set off a bomb in a major Canadian city was killed Wednesday by police in a Strathroy home.

More details about what the RCMP describe as a “potential terrorism threat” and a possible link to a heavy police presence in a northwest London neighbourhood are expected to be revealed at a news conference Thursday.”

The RCMP posted this in regards to the situation.

Although the terrorist Aaron Driver aka “Harun Abdurahman” was killed, police are now looking into potential leads that may expose a more terrifying connection within the community. Here we can see police looking into Wilfrid Jury Public School at 950 Lawson Road, that saw an arson attack in July.

Locals are also reporting that London police are canvasing the Wilfred Jury area, as there may be another suspect or suspects on the run.

Wonder which mosque this individual attended ? Some on social media have come up with suggestions.


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