Liberal government accused of purchasing luxury vehicles

Posted October 30, 2017 3:43 pm by Comments

Liberal government accused of purchasing luxury vehicles

A freedom of information request has just revealed that the office of the Minister of the Environment has purchased quite a few luxury vehicles.

According to The Rebel, Behind the scenes, Minister McKenna has been signing off on Porches, Mercedes Benz, and Lexus cars for her department’s use. McKenna signed off on not one but two luxury Porsche vehicles.

But don’t worry, they were used cars — so the one only cost us $67,000 dollars and the other was a mere $63,000.

And the Lexus McKenna signed off came in just shy of $67,000 as well.

But take a look at some of the other vehicles Climate Change Barbie brought in to her department thanks to the public purse:

A Mercedes Benz for $92,000 and, finally, the crown jewel in the Ministry of the Environment’s garage (courtesy of you and me, the taxpayer):

A brand spanking new Tesla for a cool $112,000.

Update: Liberals are now claiming the luxury cars were purchased for government emissions testing, the sold.

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