Liberals to solve Global Warming through Taxes

Global Warming: a naturally occurring climate cycle spun into a climate crisis by leftists worldwide to undermine individual freedoms and empower government in the charade to “save Earth.” The flagrant hubris that humans can manipulate the climate temperature up and down is a perfect reflection of the hubris of liberalism, where the perfection of human nature is considered a realistic social and political goal. The environmental movement, fed by George Soros and led by NASA’s James Hansen, has gone from hounding little children in classrooms with threats of a lifeless planet unless we ban oil to hounding all of us as children with attacks on our freedoms for our own good. The global warming hysteria is the left’s D-Day assault on North America and Canada in particular – which makes us no better than Nazis for resisting.

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One of the consequences of Conservatives breaking away from principle thanks the people like Preston Manning gives way to the rise of Liberal power. That power is manifesting itself in the drive to re-impose liberal influence throughout our lives – one way being through the weapon of the tax. The government inviting itself into your bank account means much more than you having less of the money you’ve earned, it means giving government the power (revenue) to grow and usurp more of those responsibilities better left to a free people. To flip a platitude: There is no freedom to enjoy if there is no responsibility to be had. David Suzuki has convinced many that the challenges in life that demand individual responsibility are artificial obstacles created by nefarious capitalists whose only fear is the righteous jackboot of government. In this world, David Suzuki is the hero.

The hero rides to the rescue once again, in the form of Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He believes we can solve climate change using the power of punitive taxation! For this plan to work he would have to raise gas taxes, tax carbon. I can see the clouds parting already, and we all better grab our sweaters because I don’t think the Davaid Suzuki’s of this world are done cooling the climate with our wallets:

Former Obama adviser Lawrence Summers who is now the guiding light for Mr. Trudeau and his key advisors – a development that may have a dramatic impact on Canadian public policy is pushing for a carbon tax – including on imports from countries without one.

Here is Summers latest push for a carbon tax:

A tax of $25 a ton would raise more than $100 billion each year and seems a reasonable starting point.

How should the proceeds be used? Here, too, it seems more important to reach consensus on the principle of taxation. My preference would be for the funds to be split between investments in infrastructure and pro-work tax credits. An additional $50 billion a year in infrastructure spending would be a significant contribution to closing America’s investment gap in that area. The same sum devoted to pro-work tax credits could finance a huge increase in the earned-income tax credit, a meaningful reduction in the payroll tax or some combination of the two

Summers’s approach and quite possibly Justin Trudeau’s is a swirling maelstrom of liberal antipathy for private business and prosperity. Punitive taxation used to extort changes in behavior to, ostensibly, combat the political Frankenstein dubbed ‘global warming.’ It’s a money maker. It’s good for the environment. It’s injurious to capitalistic enterprise and empowers government. It’s a monster only a liberal could love.

The other reason progressives love carbon taxes is because it will hurt those who tend to be “rural” conservatives, as the cost of gas, electricity will go up meaning those living in the suburbs will be the hardest hit.

For those looking for a “second opinion” on a carbon tax, the National Review has a great article explaining why a carbon tax will not work and hurt the economy.

Here are top 3 reasons a carbon tax will not work

  • First and most obvious: A carbon tax will most definitely not be revenue neutral, and it will not be used to phase out existing regulations.
  • Second, even to the extent that a new carbon tax’s revenues were devoted to minimizing the blow to the economy, any politically plausible legislation would be quite inefficient from the perspective of supply-side economics.
  • Third, the true policy wonk who wants to assess the impact of a carbon tax needs to research the so-called “tax interaction effect.”




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Northern Man

January 9, 2015 Reply

AGW really is beginning to scare me because it is an easy theory to prove wrong yet it is very hard to convince people climatologists don’t really know shit about climate. It also just as hard to get people to understand that the scientific method was not used to prove AGW. It is funny, google global warming and shitloads of stuff comes up. Google empirical evidence for global warming and the search results are much different.


January 9, 2015 Reply

It’s going to cost no matter how we look at it. The only question is do you really care if your great grandkids have a world or not. It’s very hard to convince people climatologists don’t really know shit about climate because people don’t know shit about climate.


January 9, 2015 Reply

STIX says: ” The only question is do you really care if your great grandkids have a world or not.”

What a perfect example of the kind of blackmail we’re dealing with here. If only climatologists agreed with him! Wrong – The first question is whether humans are causing global warming. Prove that and you’ll have unlocked the secret to raising and lowering the climate temperature! We’ll never have another drought or flood ever again!


January 9, 2015 Reply

Ahh… the perfect liberal solution… raise taxes! When will they ever learn? Perhaps when the nation is overrun with muslims, the people are taxed at least 50% of the income, Islamists have brought back the caliphate, and we all have “free” health care, given to us by our friend the government. But hell, at least the rare brown-backed oak wood chigger will be safe and sound! “He believes we can solve climate change using the power of punitive taxation! He wants to raise gas taxes, tax carbon at $25 a ton, ” Did you ever doubt it?


January 9, 2015 Reply

Forget the policy for one moment (I agree with a carbon tax by the way), and let’s get back to the good ol’ science. It really isn’t that easy to ‘debate’ the fact that the current global warming is mostly man-made. What do you think is causing Earth’s DOCUMENTED warming? Or do you not believe that the Earth is warming, and that scientific reports around the world are completely wrong? And don’t give me any BS that we don’t know enough about climate science to even guess what is causing the warming. Because you’d sound like a religious fanatic. ‘We don’t know enough about the universe to even understand god’. P.S. Global warming is a HEATED subject for me.


January 9, 2015 Reply

Global Warming is a natural and has been happening for a few thousands of years since the last Ice Age. The Sun has more to do with our climate than all the cars and factories combined. remember the alarmists were saying we were going to have another ice age in the 70’s. The Earth is warming and we have no control over it. At one time the whole Earth was a frozen ball of Ice. When the dinosaurs were around the Earth was warmer and we had less oxygen in the air. I still do not see any kind of rel evidence that man has caused any change in climate, if you are talking about computer models, they are inherently flawed and never have enough factor to truly replicate the Earth’s climate. Just last week we found out we have no cue on what has caused the hole in the Ozone, and remember we banned all cfcs. I agree that we should control pollution and keep our air clean, but if we get rid of co2 we will be in real trouble. see, co2 is what grows our food. And the great savior of ethanol pollutes even more than gas emissions and uses more oil to make it. And it also raises the price of food crops that sustain most of the world with cheap food, and beer if you are in Germany. I am all for finding alternate fuels and making our emissions cleaner, but we should not jump into the fas of the day because some climatologists says we are on the verge of destruction. The Gore-acle’s Inconvenient Truth is that his little movie was bunch of hot air that has nothing to do with science.


January 19, 2015 Reply

The only reason the “conservatives” position on climate change is so negative is not because there is no scientific support (quite the opposite), but because anything that could reduce corporate profits for Harpers friends simply MUST be wrong. Today, conservative ideology always trumps scientific evidence. Is why Harper hates scietists


January 19, 2015 Reply

To suggest that one person has presuppositions and the other does not is either ignorant or deceptive… either way, the “facts” will be one-sided thereafter.

It is interesting how science becomes muddied by belief. However, we all know that “conservatives” are the ones that distort reality. After all, liberals couldn’t possibly distort truth from their own hatred of capitalism, inner longings for communism/socialism and/or a quest for political power. I suppose “evidence” has become a mere marketing tool for whoever decides to distort it…humans have always been good at that.

The question really is: “Is global warming a belief based on fact, and how many “facts” are true at their core?”. Judging by the extremist left, it is obvious that the global warming issue has become an emotional “movement mentality” more than a fact based belief. With Al Gore’s movie it proves that they have to convince Canadians with entertaining movies rather than books… one could blame the union based government schools for this.

It is obvious that manipulators of the truth such as Al Gore, Michael Moore, and other elitist liberals want you to believe that conspiring corporations are the bad guys. Granted evil is where humans are, but are the corporations to blame or humans on every level (including the “innocent victimized poor”).

bill elder

August 26, 2016 Reply

I will be voting for the first politician who denounces global warming and all the taxation and corporate fraud associated with it. Yes folks, it is a fraud. The warming trend we experienced was normal and within historic parameters and we have been in a cooling trend the last 18 years – and now we enter what many true scientists are calling a second Maunder minimum (mini ice age) due to no sun spot activity.

Global cooling, historically and objectively, has been catastrophic for life on the planet as opposed to the way life flourished in warming periods. We now have the technology to prepare for extended periods of cooling, but it does no good if the corporate-political-financial complex is still strung out on shaking down consumers/taxpayers with a heating disaster fraud.

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