Morneau not the only Liberal to use loopholes to hide wealth

Just when you thought you’d hear the end of Liberals being unethical, now the Ethics watchdog is sounding the alarm after other Liberal cabinet ministers are using the same loophole that got Finance Minister Bill Morneau in trouble.

The Globe and Mail reported, A number of other Trudeau cabinet ministers are in the same situation as Finance Minister Bill Morneau and have managed to retain control of assets they would be required to divest if this wealth wasn’t being held indirectly through a holding company or similar mechanism.

Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson’s office declines to identify the ministers, citing confidentiality rules, but confirms that a handful hold these assets indirectly and therefore aren’t required to sell them or place them beyond reach.

The office would only say “fewer than five cabinet ministers currently hold controlled assets indirectly.

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