On heels of Calgary mayor elections, Naheed Nenshi plays the race card

Calgarians this past week learned that if you don’t vote for Mayor Nenshi, they may be a racist. The media reported that Nenshi was distraught at the amount of trolls and racists commenting on his social media accounts, “There is quite a few — what you’d call, bots or trolls — and many times indistinguishable types of accounts, that are either algorithms to be programmed or run by real people, both of which have messages programmed into their system.

A lot of them have comments and are proliferating comments that are inflammatory, that are frankly racist.”

Social media users pointed that a dip in the polls is all it took for Calgary’s mayor Naheed Nenshi play the race card.

But some people who live in Calgary point to the fact that Mayor Nenshi has increased taxes, this is probably the main reason why Nenshi may lose the elections.

Others say that Nenshi is arrogant and condescending, he in fact attacked a female Conservative MP for suggesting Calgary needed to fix its spending. Nenshi in a interview said of Michelle Rempel “Apparently math is challenging, but hopefully she’ll figure that out.”



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