Progressives looking to jail anyone who denies climate change

Climate change deniers better listen up. The US Attorney General is beginning to wage a battle against companies that deny the scientific evidence of man made “climate change” which could eventually lead to individuals also being charged, and possibly jailed just ask David Suzuki.

Recently, the Attorney General of the State of New York announced an investigation into the statements and policies on climate change by the company Exxon Mobil. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued a broad subpoena to the world’s largest private oil company, with the intention of discovering whether Exxon Mobil misled the public and investors with statements that contradicted its own internal research on climate change.


This witch hunt represents the clearest signal to date that fossil fuel companies are being labeled as climate change deniers.

Former Vice President Al Gore joined Democrats and attorneys general of 15 states, in Washington, D.C. and the Virgin Islands, in praising the effort, first of its kind, to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide pollutants by blaming the oil industry accountable for fraudulent claims and force them towards a “Clean Energy Plan” headed by the Environmental Protection Agency which ultimately leads to Obama himself.

Exxon is also at war with the Rockefeller’s as The Rockefeller Fund provided financial support to InsideClimate News and the School of Journalism at Columbia University School of Journalism to produce inaccurate and deliberately misleading news about ExxonMobil research in climate change, “said the spokesman for the petroleum, Alan Jeffers.For its part, the director of the Rockefeller’s, Lee Wasserman said: “We have supported journalism in the public interest to better understand how the fossil fuel industry was actually participating in the effects on the climate, to seek a better public understanding and a better climate policy. ”

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Last year, after one of its publications ran stories that mentioned Exxon, the attorney general of New York, Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation into whether the company misled the public and shareholders about the risks of climate change.

In 2008, members of the Rockefeller family asked Exxon to increase spending on alternative fuels. In late 2014, another associated with the family fund, the Rockefeller Brothers (RBF) said it would sell its assets in fossil fuels.

The National Review has been following the story and reports how Obama and his fellow Democrats are behind the movement to jail and prosecute climate change deniers. [via]

Global warming, though, is a different matter. The attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Claude Earl Walker, has issued a subpoena to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a libertarian-leaning think tank that has been critical of a great deal of global-warming scholarship. This is part of a coordinated campaign by Democratic attorneys general, including those in New York and California, to prosecute persons and institutions with nonconforming views on global warming, with special attention being given to Exxon and to groups that it may have supported financially.

The subpoena against CEI is a pure fishing expedition, a search for anything that might be potentially embarrassing that can be used as part of the public-relations campaign rather than as part of a prosecution, the prosecution bit being tricky because there isn’t much of an argument that any laws have been broken. New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, is taking a similar approach. He isn’t sure what law Exxon has broken, but he promises to find one, making different accusations and arguments as the venue demands. Barack Obama’s so-called Justice Department is considering filing a case of its own.

The attorney general of New York, Eric Schneiderman, who is currently conducting an investigation into whether Exxon Mobil misled the public and shareholders about the risks to its business by climate change, assured members of the coalition that his office will pursue the matter as any other fraud case.

The end result of this drama could make its way north of the border, specially since Obama and Trudeau are like best buddies and both are huge fans of Al Gore. Also Trudeau for his part continues to stifle new pipeline projects with the excuse that he needs to do more research even though he promised to keep Canada’s oil flowing.



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