Salvation Army Kettle donations down nearly $50,000 in southern Alberta

Posted December 17, 2016 10:28 pm by Comments

Salvation Army Kettle donations down nearly $50,000 in southern Alberta

The Salvation Army’s Kettle Campaign says its donations are down $47,000 compared to 2015.

Lieutenant Colonel Larry Martin, with the Salvation Army, said they would need a 60 per cent increase in donations to provide services year round.

“We are trying to strategize and see how we will meet that need going forward. This time of year is an important time for us to raise essential funds to meet those growing needs,” Lt. Martin said.

“It’s for programs that run throughout the year, like helping with the food bank, emergency food supplies, it’s helping with the wide range of needs that people present to us and we’re trying to help them increase their skill level so that they can find other work or change their work so they cannot be in the same position of need.

“There are more people who are struggling to make ends meet, particularly with the downturn in the economy  where more people are unemployed. The unemployment rate in Calgary right now is about 10.2 per cent, that’s a lot of people not working who are willing and ready to work but work is not available,” Lt. Martin said.


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