Sharia practiced at University of Regina camp to accommodate Syrian Muslims

In a shocking revelation by Cjme News Talk, we’ve learned that Sharia Law is alive and well in Canada as the University of Regina has allowed boys and girls to be segregated because of religious reasons, mainly because of Islamic law.

This summer the University of Regina is offering Syrian refugee children the chance to enjoy the Canadian experience of summer camp, with a few changes to accommodate religion.

The kids are doing everything from art to sport, sometimes together, sometimes apart, depending on age and ability.  But for swimming, the girls and boys are typically separated for religious reasons.

“If those opportunities weren’t presented those children wouldn’t be participating to be blunt,” explained Dean of Kinesiology, Harold Riemer. “I think that would be unfortunate.”

“When we can find a way to provide an opportunity for kids from various cultures and religious persuasions to be together and still accommodate kind of, religious values at the same time, I think that is a very positive thing. I don’t see that as a negative opportunity,” Riemer maintained.


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Gerry Porter

August 5, 2016 Reply

This is just the opening wedge. Once Canadians become comfortable adjusting our cultural mores to accommodate Islamic laws of gender separation, it is just a matter of time until Muslim cultural requirements begin creeping ever deeper into Canadian culture – such as it is.

Canadians eagerly adopted multiculturalism in the belief that all cultures would be partners in one big happy family. Little did they realize that, while meek and mild Canadians readily change their ways, Muslims do not.

In time, Sharia Law will become a full partner with English Common Law and Canada will become a province of Islam.


August 5, 2016 Reply

Absolutly appalling. Harold Riemer is an idiot!!!! why do muslims refuse to integrate???? Shame on the university of Regina!!!!!


August 5, 2016 Reply

This is disgusting and the liberal morons who enable PC garbage are actually the problem. When primitives are introduced to modern cultures, they have historically adapted to those values. Changing our cultural practices to accommodate religious zealots is the wrong way to go. The message should be this- Welcome to Canada. Assimilate or return to the festering sewage pit from whence you came. Women have freedoms here. We have egalitarianism here. We can make fun of Jesus or Buddha the swap meet swami and yes, even draw the precious Mohammad or Muhammed or whatever Moose-Slims want to call their deity.

Assimilate or take a hike. Enablers… just take a hike.


August 6, 2016 Reply

The Digital Representation of the Prophet Mohammad. If we changed the turban into hair we could call him Jesus. Abstract art and freedom of expression: Fundamental Western values I HOPE you all want to keep…



August 10, 2016 Reply

Totally agree with previous posts!!! oh man if we were their guests we would be murdered if we didn’t assimilate to them!!! I resent every cent of my tax dollars going to this..Stupid naive Harold!!! grrrrrrr


January 30, 2017 Reply

Boys and girls should be separated for swimming at a certain age. That is normal. When swimming in high school boys and girls were split and same with gym classes. It is normal. Not sharia. But I am not sure on what other things they are calling sharia. That clearly is not it. What is it they are not telling us? The sharia part is missing from the article. I want to know where are all the Christian law groups looking into this?I hope we defend our Judeo Christian values from muslim assimilation.

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