Some in the left are using the Fort McMurray fire to politicize climate change

There is nothing more despicable than using the tragedy at Fort MacMurray to further the agenda of climate change alarmists.

In this post I will expose the ones I’ve searched online, there may be more and I will add them when I find them.

Here’s a guy claiming Fort McMurray now has 80,000 climate change refugees.

Tom Rand a Toronto are speaker recently took to Twitter to warn us of early signs of dangerous climate change acceleration.

Chris Alemany Port Alberni City Councillor in British Columbia says fossil fuels means more climate change, climate change means more fires. All this was predicted. Not only is this completely false he seems to be blaming the people of Fort MacMurray who work in the oilsands.

The left has no shame on politicizing disasters.

Global warming alarmists like Eric Holthaus wasted no time to further his agenda.

Never count out the Washington Post when it comes to left wing agendas.

Alarmists also use sources from Scienceblogs to push the myth of man made global warming.

Climate Central is a Twitter account followed by Environment Ontario, scary thought isn’t? Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals probably believe whatever they read from these alarmists.

Can’t leave out Elizabeth May from fueling the hysteria, she warns Canada that unless we listen to her our country will turn into a smoldering inferno. These green party alarmists are usually the most brainwashed of them all.

Toronto Marxists have no regards for human life as long as oil remains in the ground.


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