Syrian refugees complain that the food they receive is not “Middle Eastern”

If you’re a Canadian struggling to get by the following story will make you cringe. When 900 Syrian refugees arrived in London Ontario apparently they had high expectations, some even expected Middle Eastern food not Canadian Middle Eastern food. The Liberals for their part continue to drop the ball in trying to integrate Syrian refugees.

A London MP has asked the federal government to look into a complaint signed by more than 20 just-arrived Syrian refugees who say they were mistreated by the city’s main settlement agency.

Staff at the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre (CCLC) — the agency that settled more than 900 Syrians since December — “did not do their duties as they should,” states the letter.

The hotel many were placed in was understaffed and inadequate, medical services were not provided in a timely manner, leaving many kids very ill — “some we would argue were at risk of death,” — the food was “borderline unsuitable for human consumption,” and people have been forced into apartments, often too small for their families, without any choice of location, the letter states.

In an interview Tuesday, he addressed the complaints one by one. Meals were mainly provided by a London Middle Eastern restaurant, but some people didn’t like it because it was “Canadian Middle Eastern,” he said.

Medical services included special clinics put on by the London-Middlesex Health Unit and access to the London Intercommunity Health Centre, a couple blocks away from the CCLC. “We had CCLC staff giving our cell-phone numbers to access 24-7. We took people to hospital many times in the night,” he said.


  • Karl Go Enbridge Hoehne

    Don’t like it? Simple, go back.

  • gary

    The more they cry the more they get. These are the ones who should have been put right back on a return flight

  • John Baldassarra

    If it’s so bad go home…….where you are not “at risk of death”

  • Jennie Mercer

    Get use to it the way the avarage Canadian lives and with Trudeau it is becoming worst.

  • Sly Fisherman

    Were they provided with crying towels on arrival??

  • Debbie Chalus

    they need to fuck off and go back, we had to move out of london because of all the effin mussies. mussies fuck off. go drink your camel piss and fuck off

    • Michelle


  • If in fact this is True they get off the plane and start to complain this is why Most of these middle eastern people don’t and wont assimilate, They are lazy and deadbeats. just a burden on the taxpayers dime.

  • Matelot1

    I’m sure young Mr. Trudeau will address their problems. Heck, he may fly in a proper Middle Eastern chef.

  • Michelle

    I hate these bastard Muslims so much!!!! Every God damb stinking one of them!! My anger is getting worse as im forced to live near them, take the bus with them…. fuck off and go back to the desert you ungrateful bastards

    • Vanessa Koepke

      That’s the spirit. A general hatred towards an entire religious group. Sounds a lot like Hitler to me. This is one group of people that complained…not every person who is Muslim. There are shitty ppl everywhere from every walk of life. I know many lowlife white ppl who sit on welfare, addicted to whatever and don’t make generalizations about every white person I meet. Wake the fuck up!

      • Michelle

        Ahhhh… its another little snowflake… grow up and open your eyes about this filthy bunch of backward 7th century muslim bastards

        • Vanessa Koepke

          What the fuck is a snowflake? I don’t do labels. You clearly have a lot of hate in your heart and just need to find a target. Have you ever actually had a general conversation with someone who is Muslim? Prob not. I’m sure you just stay in your little white bubble

          • Michelle

            You have never heard the term ‘ snowflake ‘? Wow… google it retard!!!! It describes you exactly… Get out more

          • Vanessa Koepke

            Wow. Calling me a ‘retard’. Very educated you must be. If you got out more you would’ve learned that that term has been socially unacceptable for quite some time now. You must have a lot of friends though…

          • Vanessa Koepke

            It’s also pretty sad that most people on here who are closed minded and racist are the ones who feel they need to name call and verbally attack others who have a different opinion than they do. I chose however to not stoop to that behaviour.

          • Timothy J Edmonds

            how old are you 15? go look at how the EU is faring.

          • Vanessa Koepke

            Yes. I clearly look like I’m 15. There are plenty of issues that need to be dealt with, I just think that most people on here are a bunch of trolls sitting on their computers running their mouths instead of being the change they want to see or actually doing anything productive about it.

          • Timothy J Edmonds

            VK no worries, If it matters I love Canada. have served in law enforcement and army if that matters.

            If you get a chance go look at how the countries next to Syria handle the refugees, they do not let them into the country.

            For good reason.

          • Timothy J Edmonds

            Pardon the observation on your age. IMO inviting 28,000 non speaking middle eastern and housing them in our main military bases is insanity.

            Judging from folks reaction to Justin I am not worried about him running for 2019.

          • Debbie Pineau

            Yes, as a matter of fact I have and, of course, they are sweet as pie as they lie to your face and complain about everything you do. This isn’t hate, it’s self preservation for ourselves and our children.

      • dan mulois

        Think about this VK,300,00 immigrates and refugees per year for the last 26 years thats 7,800,000,thats almost 20 percent of the population,This is costing a fortune billions upon billions of dollars every year and that number does not include the illegals that are here.The cost far outweighs any contribution that these refugees or immigrants will ever make to Canada.Also the money that they send back to their home countries is staggering.TRUMP RULES,imagine a politian that actually is trying to take care of his country and people.So Vanessa when it comes time for us to drain the swamp,we will have a place for you CANADA FIRST!!! Trudeau is a TRAITOR

        • Vanessa Koepke

          You seem to all forget that the only people who live in Canada that aren’t immigrants are the indigenous.

      • Debbie Pineau

        You wake the fuck up!!!! While they’re becoming civilized and less like barbarians and complainers they can go back where they came from until they wake the fuck up!!!

    • Debbie Pineau

      A lot of Canadians feel the same way and the more they push, the more we will push back and they won’t like it one bit. Yeah it must be some kind of hatred built in on both sides. No one likes being pushed around and Canadians dislike it even more and they will find out sooner or might be getting a little taste right now. #trumpforpresident

  • Tim Lachapelle

    Hey Trudeau, let’s take care of own first… Helping the homeless veterans and children in Canada should be our priority.. #TAKECAREOFYOUROWNFIRST

  • Debbie Quigley

    It Is sad that we cannot care for our seniors with the cutbacks many can hardly make ends meets with small senior pensions. Our young people cannot find full time work and carry huge debt loads for education. I’m sorry but we need to take care of our Canada first. When we do not have homeless people our healthcare system gets revamped to provide adequate care and the children fed in this country then maybe we can help other people around the world that do NOT appreciate the help they are given!!!!!!!!! There is no room at the inn at this time government needs to listen to the voices of the Canadians that are saying no more!!!!!!!!!!

    • Debbie Pineau


  • Shawn

    Wow, Justin needs a kick in the ass. It is typical of the “Grits”. Let’s ticker tape europe for immigrants, who settle in farming communities only to sell 3 years let and move to the urban cities. John A. Macdonald and Cartier formed Canada. Although we do have to respect his father for eliminating the illegitimate child.

    And the Canada act was sign by his father. Which separated Canada as a sovereign nation. Because England no longer wanted the burden of Canada.


  • plain truth

    It would appear our snot nose boy King pm is not listening to the Canadian people.. Too busy portraying himself to the world as a white knight in shiny armour to listen to the Canadian people…
    Perhaps an attitude test might be in order before muslins are allowed to enter the country…

    • Nick.

      Trudeau HAS TO GO and if not CASTRAITE him periot

  • Dina Jones

    This is good folks, if they don’t like it maybe they’ll go back and tell their friends what it’s really like here.

  • qu1fffh0le

    Some ladies working for resettlement of Syrian refugees in New Brunswick have told me they are very demanding. They think they’re celebrities.Several families complained that the TV’s were too small in their apartments, 50 inch minimum is what the demanded.

  • Tylor Barbara


  • Barbara Brownell


  • Timothy J Edmonds

    THis 2015 election there was foreign money pouring in from the Tide Foundation, it is backed by SOROS….what next Justin?

  • Timothy J Edmonds

    We have one mosque in Victoria BC, I went in person and asked a few folks. about a commotion near the one mosque. ( I love Canada)

    After the latest terror attacks there was a band of 15 or so shouting ali akbar whatever that means…they seemed to be very happy that people were run over and stabbed.

    That was from 3 separate folks that live near there.

    That is a small group. what is a large group like?

    That is the reality north america is facing.

  • Sharon Ann

    Unvelievable .can u imagine

  • Debbie Pineau

    Cook your own food, grow your own greens, that’s what all the other immigrants and refugees do. Canadians are not your servants and whites are not your servants. You’re on your own, get a job and take care of yourselves instead of being baby machines and freeloaders of the taxpayer dollars. You could go back to the Middle East, no problem at all. #trumpforpresident

  • Mr Wolf

    Glad I left that liberal shyte hole.