The RCMP is questioning illegal migrants about religion and values, Muslims are not happy

Apparently the RCMP is questioning recently arrived migrants who have crossed into Canada illegally questions regarding religion and values. The Toronto Star got a hold of a questionnaire that shows how the RCMP targets Muslim refugees from the U.S.

The Toronto Star says, RCMP officers have been screening Muslim refugee claimants entering from the U.S. at Quebec’s Roxham Rd. crossing, asking how they feel about women who do not wear the hijab, how many times they pray, and their opinion about the Taliban and the Islamic State, a questionnaire obtained by the Star shows.

Here is a small sample of the questions being asked.

Muslim leaders said the document highlights the larger problem that Canada’s security services disproportionately target Muslims.

Conservative MP Kellie Leitch proposed similar values test for Muslims and got major blow back, but the RCMP is basically doing the same.

Do you support the RCMP asking Muslims religious questions ?


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