Trudeau Close To Breaking Spending Record

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could soon enter the Canadian Government Spending Hall of Shame.

His Liberal government is close to breaking the record for Canadian per-capita government spending, according to a new report from the Fraser Institute, a conservative think tank. The Liberals plan to spend $8,337 per person in 2017.

The record is currently held by — ironically — the previous Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who consistently campaigned as a fiscal conservative budget balancer. Harper’s administration attained the high water mark of $8,375 per per person in 2009 as he poured money into infrastructure projects to offset the financial crunch of the global recession that year.

But Trudeau is likely to raise the bar even higher. Trudeau’s spending estimates for the fiscal year are based on no increases in defense spending. But he is under increasing pressure to fund Canada’s military as many analysts are predicting not just a short-term funding crisis but a virtual implosion.


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