Trudeau’s Liberals have racked up $17M on cab rides in just seven months in power

Federal departments and agencies spent nearly $17 million on cab rides in the first seven months of the Liberal government to transport bureaucrats, ministerial officials and even patients, according to new documents tabled in the House of Commons.

Another $2.1 million went on promotional materials, such as pens, stationary, mugs and stickers, while $37,000 was spent on flowers.

The numbers were released in response to a question from Conservative MP Ben Lobb.

While the documents do not compare spending with previous years, some departments like Global Affairs Canada – which racked up one of the largest taxi bills – said the tab “does not mark a significant change.”

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  • bill elder

    What? The ultra green shift, climate loving Librano don’t pedal their bikes to work?

    This explains why Liberals are eternally offended – hypocrites are always offended by the truth, and the truth here is the old do as I say, not as I do maxim.