What a true leader would tell the United Nations

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What a true leader would tell the United Nations

Folks, you gotta love Canadians who care for this country. So many people out there are true conservatives, but we have so many liberal leaders in this country that they are fighting to break out.

Many years ago the Canadian Coalition for Democracies, and Alastair Gordon, revealed exactly what he’d like to hear at the U.N. Published in the National Post:

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a pleasure to be here today. Where to start? Let’s go to the Far East and work our way round the globe.

– Taiwan is a peaceful, self-made democracy with the world’s 17th largest economy. Yet it has consistently been denied entry to the UN. Meanwhile, Iran, a wretched theocracy threatening the world with nuclear Armageddon, is a member not only of the UN General Assembly, but also of the Human Rights Council. Canada will now support Taiwan’s full participation in the UN and its agencies. I am also taking this opportunity to announce Canada’s withdrawal from the “One China” policy embraced by my predecessor.

– Across the Taiwan Strait, there is mainland China, the largest recipient of Canadian foreign aid. Tell me: Why does a $1-trillion economy send its tax dollars to an $8-trillion economy? Should a manufacturing colossus such as China enjoy the preferential tariffs normally reserved for a developing nation? Are we helping China buy the missiles it aims at Taiwan? Simply put, our aid for China is over.

– Moving south and west, we come to India. India has been independent for less than 60 years, yet has created the world’s largest democracy with the world’s largest middle class. Canada will sponsor a resolution proposing that India become the next permanent member of the UN Security Council.

– Next, Iran. Attention, Europe: The nuclear missiles Iran wants to build will be able to incinerate your cities. Yet many of you pander to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by demonizing Israel and America, while secretly praying that they neutralize Iran and save your hides. Smart people shouldn’t appease an apocalyptic madman like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. If you insist on doing so again, you’ll be on your own when Paris is reduced to radioactive rubble.

– Afghanistan. Here, the UN took a principled position. I am grateful to the men and women who make up the UN-authorized forces in that country. But I really do not understand this talk of a “traditional” peacekeeping and rebuilding mission as distinct from a combat mission. Rebuilding Afghanistan while the Taliban remain active is like building homes in the middle of a brush fire, while proclaiming that there is no need to first extinguish the flames. I am proud to tell you that Canada’s army is staying the course in Afghanistan.

– And now we come to Israel. In its first 42 years, the UN tabled 370 resolutions condemning Israel and zero resolutions critical of the PLO or any Arab state. When Syria slaughtered 20,000 of its own citizens at Hama in 1982, or when it sponsored the destruction and occupation of Lebanon, or even when Iraq massacred its Kurdish citizens with poison gas … nothing. So here’s Canada’s approach: We will vote no on every anti-Israel resolution until we see such reprimands applied even-handedly against all players in the Middle East according to the scale of their misdeeds.

Following the election of Hamas in Palestinian elections this year, Canada stopped funding the Palestinian Authority. Now a contrived “Unity Government” has its hand out for more Western aid. Should we really provide funding to parties whose goal is to obliterate Israel? Maybe if the Palestinians were forced to provide a real education to their children and build a real economy instead of living off Western welfare, they could become a fierce economic competitor, and pummel Israel in the marketplace of goods, services and ideas. (That would do more economic harm to Israel than, say, the United Church Womyns’ Collective boycotting Jaffa oranges.)

– For decades, the world’s refugee problems have been resolved through UNHCR. Only one group of refugees, the Palestinians, has its own refugee agency, UNRWA. Fifty-five years after its founding, the plight of Palestinian refugees is worse than ever. UNRWA is complicit in an education system that teaches children to hate Jews and glorify martyrdom, and provides Hamas with money for terror. Canada will end its funding of UNRWA, and direct those resources to UNHCR.

Finally, I would like to offer an invitation. There are a few members of the UN who recognize that a brutal global jihad is being waged against the free world, but more who are friends or appeasers of that jihad. Today, I am inviting the leaders of those democratic nations who have proven their commitment to defending freedom and tolerance to join me at a Conference of Free Nations to be held in Canada. There, we will take the historic first steps in forging a Western alliance to defeat this brutal common enemy.

Thank you.

Alastair Gordon is president of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies

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  1. bill elder September 9th, 2016 at 11:09 pm

    I hope you’re not holding your breath waiting for our Saudi- owned PM to do this?


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