Alek Minassian is the man who killed innocent people in Toronto

Alek Minassian was arrested for this brutal attack in Toronto, which has caused the deaths of 10 and 15 injuries according to sources quoted by CBS.

A former New York police officer quoted by NBC asserts that his sources in Canada have revealed to him that the attacker was known by the Canadian police and that the investigation is being treated as an act of terrorism.

The police authorities have not yet offered official information about the motivations of this attack, nor official confirmation of the identity.

Ten people have died in Toronto after the driver used a rental truck to run over people, as confirmed by local police, and another 15 have been injured.

The quick actions of a police officer brought the carnage to an end by arresting the attacker without firing a single bullet.

In a video posted on social media the cop was instrumental in arresting this creep and families of victims can now find closure.

One of the 10 people killed in Monday’s van attack on a busy Toronto street has been identified as Anne Marie D’Amico.


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