Bottom line is green energy was oversold by Obama and is being oversold by Trudeau

In 2008 when Obama promised green energy he sounded futuristic, modern and in fact cool. But if anyone bothered to see the truth it was there out in the open – loud and clear. Almost all the programs and his stimulus bill donation of $90 billion towards producing green energy were unrealistic, in fact deceptive. How that money would have provided energy through renewable resources to the national grid which does not even exist is beyond anybody’s guess. Furthermore there is enough evidence to prove that most of the funds were misdirected or wasted such as the Solyndra and other recipients of loan including funds given for job training.

Green plans of Obama failed miserably despite all his promises. And what is even more surprising is no one is talking about it.

At the FP, Terence Corcoran remarkably highlights the significant failures promised by the green tech movement. [via]

Green and clean, that’s how politicians all over the world like to describe their national energy profiles. From Europe to North America to China, action plans and policies are in place, subsidies have been dispersed and new ideas are in constant production. In Washington Thursday, Prime Minister Trudeau brought his Liberal green message to Washington, telling the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that green industries are the backbone of a strong economy.

What’s green and clean is turning catastrophic.

The likes of Trudeau will like us to believe thousands of jobs will be created which would ultimately transform the entire Canadian economy. Trudeau has promised to spend $5 billion over five years to create “green jobs” obviously geared for his young Liberal supporters.

But how can Trudeau succeed when Obama has failed ? Never forget it was the President who said “The result could be seen in the last three years.” when he spoke about his energy program.

Obama’s promise of millions of green jobs has not been exactly the way people would have liked it. This has disappointed many who were hoping that $90 billion that was to be spent on developing clean energy would provide better employment opportunities and ease unemployment.

Bottom line is green energy was oversold by Obama and is being oversold by Trudeau.

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