Canada lost 24,200 jobs in July, unemployment rate moves up to 5.7%

Canada’s unemployment rate ticked up slightly in July by 0.2 percentage points as the unemployment rate moved up to 5.7% a sign that more people are looking for work.

According to Stats Canada July was also a bad month for youth aged 15 to 24 and for women aged 25 to 54. Alberta also shed about 14,000 in July, Nova Scotia, lost about 6,200 jobs, New Brunswick lost about 4,800 jobs.

However Quebec saw an increase in jobs by 17,000. But perhaps the worst indication of the state of the economy was that the private-sector job market fell by 69,000.

Overall Canada lost 24,200 jobs last month and its unemployment rate moved up to 5.7 per cent to give the economy its weakest three-month stretch of job creation since early 2018.

Unemployment rate in Canada was 4.6% in July, compared with 3.7% in the United States

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