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    Critics say Motion 103 hearings showing hints of a witch hunt

    Motion 103 is finally in its early beginnings with hearings taking place this past Monday. The controversial motion was created by Muslim MP Iqra Khalid who at one point was head of the Muslim Student Association known for their anti Israel positions and support for terror group Hamas. Khalid claims that Islamophobia is widespread in Canada citing “systemic racism and religious discrimination.” However Khalid herself cant explain what Islamophobia is, watch her expression when pressed by reporters. The tax payers funded motion is being run by the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage and was overwhelmingly passed by Canadian politicians  201–91 on March 23, 2017. The fallout from this attack on free…

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    Donald Trump invites press to off-the-record session at Mar-A-Lago

    The press pool covering him reported, “Trump stopped by a staff off the record with reporters at Mar-a-Lago, mingling for about a half hour and according to [Trump press director] Stephanie Grisham decided to go to dinner afterwards. We are told we can report the fact that Trump and Melania stopped by the OTR with reporters.” It is not unusual for elected officials to hold off-the-record meetings with the press — ostensibly to give journalists insight into the principal’s thinking on an issue. This particular session took place as journalists continue to protest the fact that Mr. Trump has yet to hold a news conference since his election. It’s now…

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    Foreign money pouring into the Trudeau Foundation after Justin has become PM

    Trudeau Foundation donations are up 4-fold and foreign donations are up 10-fold since Justin won Liberal leadership, according to media reports. This is a troubling sign for Canadian democracy as foreign donors and foreign governments could be looking to buy influence, thanks to Justin Trudeau. Is it time for the RCMP to open an investigation on the Trudeau Foundation. A National Post analysis of the Trudeau Foundation’s public disclosures has found that gifts to the foundation have increased significantly since Justin Trudeau’s April 2013 election as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. The amount of money contributed to the foundation by foreign donors has grown each year since Trudeau…

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    Trudeau had a rough question period

    Lets face it Trudeau is having a rough time of late, here he is stuttering when Tom Mulcair decided to ask him a simple question regarding electoral reform. Watch as Trudeau is reduced to a stuttering mess after Mulcair grills him on #ERRE #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/I0scuf1Eyt — Canadabuster (@Canadabuster) December 7, 2016 Its obvious that Justin Trudeau doesn’t fair well when he doesn’t read from a script.

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    Aboriginal youth killed by Saskatchewan farmer was drinking and was with the wrong crowd

    As news broke about the death of Colten Boushie who was killed by a farmer who was protecting his private as 4 people in a car approached his farm, the brother of the Colten is saying that his brother was drunk that fateful day and he was hanging out with the “wrong” crowd. In an exclusive interview with Ckom, we hear what led to the death of Boushie: Colten was with his girlfriend and some friends, heading out to a lake near Maymont for the day. William says he wanted his brother to stay home because he was intoxicated and with friends William didn’t approve of. Later that day, Colten…

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    Wynne listens to Al Gore and is set to $7-billion fighting man made climate change

    Kathleen Wynne is pushing ahead with a massive investment in a “green economy” the Ontario Premier who has been under at least 5 OPP investigations for corruption is steering the province into spending $7 Billion in fighting climate change. This means get ready to pay more for gas,oil,heating, food. Goes to show who runs the Province of Ontario, its not Canadians but special interest groups with an agenda. The Ontario government will spend more than $7-billion over four years on a sweeping climate change plan that will affect every aspect of life – from what people drive to how they heat their homes and workplaces – in a bid to…

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    Ontario allowing Muslims to skip meat safety regulations

    As if the horrible slaughter of animals thanks to strict dietary Islamic laws wasn’t bad enough, TheRebel has uncovered that halal meat could be dangerous to your health. There are myriad rules governing the slaughtering of animals in Ontario. Case in point: after an animal is slaughtered, the meat is immediately refrigerated, to minimize the potential multiplication of harmful bacteria. All of these rules are outlined under Section 83 of Ontario’s Food and Safety Quality Act. But recently, TheRebel.Media was tipped off by an insider, who told us: If you are a Muslim farmer and you are slaughtering animals for the purpose of Eid celebrations, you are actually exempt from…

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    Returning ISIS recruits are back in Canada and authorities fear the worst

    MONTREAL — There is an elevated risk of domestic terror attacks as Daesh and other terror groups suffer defeat on the battlefield, according to the author of a ground-breaking report based on first-hand interviews with Canadian and western jihadists in Syria and Iraq. “I’m confident that if they were ordered to go back home and do something, at least a high percentage, I think, would very obediently do it. It’s quite clear they are willing to die — eager to die for the cause,” said University of Waterloo professor Lorne Dawson, a terrorism researcher specializing in religious studies. The report, which is co-authored by researcher Amarnath Amarasingam, tracked down 62…

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    The Canadian Press says Trudeau was in “vintage form” at event he never publicly spoke

    The Canadian Press is being called out for praising the appearance of the Prime Minister, saying Justin Trudeau was in vintage form but what ruffled the feathers of some on social media was the fact that Trudeau never actually spoke at the event. https://twitter.com/jfgroves/status/745267903621120001 Is this more proof of media bias favouring Liberals ? Trudeau is currently flying high in the polls of public opinion and so far the media has been on his side that is for sure.  

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    Mass sexual assault reported at music festival in Germany

    Eighteen women have said they were sexual assaulted at a music festival in Germany. Three men from Pakistan aged between 28 and 31 have been arrested and police are still searching for three men who may also have been involved. The attacks are similar to those reported in Cologne and other cities on New Year’s Eve, when as many as 1,000 women were groped and robbed. Police said three women reported being groped at the Schlossgrabenfest music festival in Darmstadt on Saturdaym saying they had been encircled then sexually harassed by a group of men. By Tuesday, 15 more women had made complaints of being sexually assaulted in a similar manner at the festival.…

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    Liberals threaten to form dictatorship as they plan to take control of the House of Commons

    The federal Liberal government is fed up with the opposition delaying their pet projects that they are now threatening take over full control of the House of Commons, via a dictatorship. The opposition parties are pushing back after Liberal House Leader Dominc LeBlanc gave notice the government could seize control of the House of Commons. LeBlanc has given notice of a motion that would let the Liberals force overnight debates and adjourn the House for the summer without any notice and with no debate. The motion would also restrict the opposition parties’ ability to slow down proceedings. The NDP and Conservatives are protesting the Liberal motion, arguing the Speaker should…

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    RCMP have removed some guns from homes in Fort McMurray

    RCMP admit they have removed “some” guns from homes in Fort McMurray. Is this once again an overreach by the RCMP? FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. – RCMP have seized some guns following the fire in Fort McMurray, but won’t be a conducting a mass seizure of firearms like they did after the flood in southern Alberta. Sgt. John Spaans said Tuesday that officers have taken one or two guns found in public places, but are not going into homes looking for more. He said he’s not sure if the decision had anything to do with what happened in High River during the floods. “That’s a decision that came through our unified…

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    Bonita Tindle Blames ‘White Male’ Cameraman For Portraying Her as an ‘Angry Black Woman’

    In her first statement since getting caught on camera attacking a white man over “cultural appropriation,” Bonita Tindle blamed the “White male” who recorded the video for unfairly depicting her as an “Angry Black Woman.” In a YouTube video that went viral in March, Tindle was captured yelling at fellow San Francisco State University student Cory Goldstein over his dreadlocked hairstyle, claiming it was part of “her” culture. She’s seen trying to stop Goldstein from leaving the altercation by putting her hands on him to shove him. According to the Golden Gate Express, Tindle addressed the controversy in a Facebook post on April 11. In her statement, Tindle said she was “triggered” by seeing…

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    Trudeau gets backlash for his weapons deal with Saudi Arabia

    Trudeau makes headlines for selling weapons to Saudi Arabia a country notorious for human rights abuses. RT has picked up the story adding that ‘Liberal’ Trudeau joins blood-soaked race for arms deals with the Kingdom. 'Liberal' Trudeau joins blood-soaked race for arms deals with Mideast despots (Op-Edge) https://t.co/U09lX2eKSB pic.twitter.com/izcmsUvJVh — RT (@RT_com) April 24, 2016 While Canadian media has for the most part been silent on any negative Trudeau stories regarding the weapons deal to Saudi. Tom Parkin, from Postmedia had these harsh words to Canada’s prime minister.[via] Last Tuesday, the Liberals shut down an NDP effort to review Canada’s role in the arms trade. On Wednesday, they invoked closure…

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    Trudeau government to borrow over $2,500 per man, woman & child in Canada

    We’re going to leave our kids and grand kids with a big bill, thanks to Trudeau and his big spending ways. In fact we’re charging $2,500 per Canadian to cover the debt. In case you missed it: Trudeau gov't to borrow over $2,500 per man, woman & child in Canada. Future generations left with bill. #Budget2016 — Aaron Gunn (@AaronGunn) March 22, 2016 Our future generations to bare the full brunt of Liberal mismanagement…. https://twitter.com/Koran_Inggris/status/712464420476092416 The only ones happy with massive government spending are big city liberals and elitist academia…. This budget is a direct attack on future generations. Our kids will have to pay back this enormous deficit. #cdnpoli…

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    In March Canadians can purchase a “skinny basic” TV cable package for a maximum of $25 a month

    Thanks to Conservatives who last year who promised Canadians to lower their TV bills, this year it appears as if the CRTC will follow suite. Remember we talked about how big telecom’s where never really fans of Stephen Harper. http://www.canadabuster.com/canadas-biggest-telecom-companies-not-big-fans-of-conservatives/ Canadians will soon be able to “un-bundle” their costly cable bills…   In 2015, the CRTC also made controversial changes to Canada’s cable and satellite television packages. Starting in March, subscribers will be able to purchase a “skinny basic” package for a maximum of $25 a month; customers will be able to add individual pick-and-pay channel options after that. New CRTC Rules Will Change Canadian TV Broadcast companies have warned that doing away with…

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    National Campaign Co-Chair for Justin Trudeau worked with convicted pedophile Ben Levin

    As the case of convicted pedophile Ben Levin is making its way in the courts Levin is said to be pleading guilty to three of the seven charges, namely one count of possession of child pornography, one count of making written child pornography, and one count of counselling a sexual assault. Ben Levin was also a proud member of the Liberal Party, and had close ties to Kathleen Wynne but now we’re hearing that Levin may also have had a working relationship with Katie Telford who is none other than the current National Campaign Co-Chair of The Liberal Party of Canada who is desperately trying to get Justin Trudeau elected.…

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    Bombshell: Garner’s daughter on Sharpton: ‘He’s all about the money’

    Al Sharpton is all about the Benjamins, a daughter of police chokehold victim Eric Garner claims in a bombshell videotape. One of O’Keefe’s investigators poses as a Garner supporter with a hidden camera during a protest last month at the St. George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island. “You think Al Sharpton is kind of like a crook in a sense?” the investigator is heard asking Garner’s oldest daughter. “He’s about this,” Snipes replies, rubbing her fingers together. “He’s about money with you?” the undercover asks. “Yeah,” Snipes responds. [via]

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    Brian Lilley: Ontario children will be taught that their gender has nothing to do with their anatomy

    More social engineering by our progressive government. ‘Your gender is all about how you feel’: What the rest of the media isn’t telling parents about the new sex-ed curriculum When it comes to what’s in the new Ontario sex-ed curriculum, the media is emphasizing its lessons about puberty, anatomy and “sexting.” But they’re neglecting to mention the most radical aspect of it all. As I told you last week, this curriculum starts teaching children about “gender identity” and “gender fluidity,” beginning in Grade 3. This means children will be taught that their gender has nothing to do with their anatomy — that it all depends on whether they “feel” they…

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    Moderate Muslim countries continue to show support for suicide bombers according to Pew

    Suicide bombing has become a widely used method to kill those who oppose the Islamic way of life. Just in 2010 Canada lost a high ranking member of the military when Colonel Geoff Parker died as a result of a suicide bomber who drove his car into the convoy, the blast also killed 5 U.S soldiers. This latest poll by Pew Research looks at which Muslim countries support suicide bombings and the killing of innocent civilians, as means to justify its Islamic religion. The report finds that 1 out of 4 Palestinians support suicide bombers, that is over 40% of the population, naturally places like Afghanistan and Egypt are places…