CBC changes Bill Morneau headline about sleeping with politician’s daughter

Bill Morneau is a strange man who talks about his past sexual escapades during Trade conferences.

Canada’s finance minister went on to explain the time he dated Madame Jérôme-Forget’s daughter and spend a night at her house.

“He’s a little intimidating when you’re a 23-year-old with his daughter. Madame Jérôme-Forget was a little bit intimidating as well.”

After dinner, the Quebec couple stunned the young Torontonian by pointing out the sleeping arrangements: a shared room with Elise.

“As a boy from Toronto, that wasn’t what parents said to you,” Morneau said. “They would send the boy that way and the girl that way.”

This made headline news at the CBC.

But suddenly the CBC decided to change its headline, from “Bill Morneau jokes about sleeping with politician’s daughter” to “Morneau draws laughs bringing up his Quebec related dating history”

Wonder what the process was to replace the CBC headline?

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  1. Multi millionaire prima donna progressive globalist elitist Billy Morneau doesn’t care that his taxing the daylights out of Canada’s small business entrepreneurs aka. doctors, lawyers, farmers, fishermen, mom and pop store owners, etc. etc. etc. will destroy the Canadian economy, since he has fabulous condos in Florida and a villa in the South of France to bail to and off shore sheltered millions to live off. Juniour Trudeau since day one has followed the disastrous far left marxist template of Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne. God Save Canada. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/680573522f7ce46a919def3e277a591189a47d6f191d10ccb1328ca7ce6be818.jpg

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