CBC comedian Mark Critch, defends Trudeau’s extravagant home purchases

Mark Critch found himself causing a social media frenzy by defending purchases made by Justin Trudeau.

It all began when Andrew Scheer Tweeted some of the recent additions to the prime minister’s residence.

New golf cart: $5k.

Porch & sun umbrellas: $13k.

New deck & dock: $24k.

Grooming personal ski trails: $28k.

These are just SOME of the upgrades that Canadians are paying for at Justin Trudeau’s cottage. Why are taxpayers on the hook for this? #QP LIVE:

Mark Critch appeared to defend Trudeau’s purchases as being part of an overall restoration of the cottage where the Trudeau’s live.

To be fair, this “cottage” is the official summer residence of all PM’s. Like saying the restoration of the House of Commons is a Reno of “Justin’s office.” Trudeau isn’t living in 24 Sussex because previous PM’s didn’t keep it up for political reasons & now its a useless dump.

But hang on a second we can all agree that we need to maintain our historical infrastructures but why does the prime minister need a new golf cart worth $5,000 ?

Ezra Levant seized on the opportunity to paint Critch as a good government worker under Trudeau.

Others were also quick to point out that the new additions to the Trudeau cottage are just luxurious items nothing to do with actual restoration.

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