Charles Adler calls Conservative leader Andrew Scheer ‘worse than a homobobe’

Charles Adler who has a show on the Global News Radio Network lashed out at Conservative party leader, Andrew Scheer for not going to gay bars.

The drama unfolded after a photo of PM Justin Trudeau campaigning inside a gay bar made its way to social media, Adler quickly took to his Twitter account to make this statement:

Does anyone doubt that sometime in this century @AndrewScheer will feel comfortable dropping into a gay bar?

Charles was looking for a fight and pushed further after some users got under his skin and Tweeted this:

Andrew Scheer is NOT a Homophobe. He gets along well with closeted gay conservatives. He’s much worse than a homophobe. He enables homophobes among his base because he’s afraid of them. And that’s weak.

Adler then suggested, that the conservative leader panders to and enables right wing homophobes.

The comments are slanderous to say the least, but its the new normal since Charles Adler has been distancing away from his conservative roots and has shifted to the left. Adler was part of the infamous SUN News channel but was subsequently fired from the station after low ratings.


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