Colin Kaepernick says these Nike shoes are a symbol of slavery


The sports brand Nike has decided to remove from the market a limited edition shoes that show one of the first versions of the American flag. In recent years, this flag has become a symbol for white nationalists and racist groups.

Nike has made the decision after former National Football League (NFL) player Colin Kaepernick criticized the model as offensive.

Political parties have reacted to this decision and some Republicans have described Nike as an anti-American company. The flag known as Betsy Ross shows thirteen stars in a circle, representing the initial thirteen colonies and is one of the many original versions of the United States flag. The shoes were already on sale on the Nike website and were to be sold as a limited edition item for Independence Day.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the former NFL player, and now activist, Colin Kaepernick, criticized Nike for selling shoes with a symbol that many consider offensive, since it is linked to the times of slavery. Kaepernick has waged a fight against racism since his days as a player and for several seasons knelt when the American anthem played during NFL games.

If the Betsy Ross flag is a racist symbol why was it displayed during Obama’s inauguration ?

Betsy Ross Obama

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