Could a Netflix tax become a reality in Canada?

This upcoming elections in the fall could bring back the Netflix tax debate which first reared its ugly head in 2015 after then Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised to ditch the idea of a new digital tax geared towards services such as Netflix, back then Harper blamed Justin Trudeau who was running to become Prime Minister for supporting a Netflix tax.

Fast forward to 2019 and another looming election and once again the Netflix tax is back on the scene, Michael Geist who specializes in digital content points that the Liberal government is eying a tax on the popular streaming service. Geist writing for The Globe And Mail wrote that Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez and his party seem ready to place the spotlight on Netflix taxes once again. Only this time, the government will call out opposition parties that do not commit to new internet taxes.

In other words Liberals claim if you don’t support a Netflix tax you don’t have the country’s best interest in mind, but as Geist points out Canadian content has just set record financial numbers.

The shift toward mandated Canadian content comes despite industry data confirming record-setting financing in Canadian film and television production. The total value of the Canadian film and television production sector exceeded $8-billion last year, over a billion more than has been recorded in any year over the past decade.

So why do should Canadians be tax further if Canadian content is well funded? It all comes down to playing politics of course, even though the data doesn’t call for a Netflix tax, Justin Trudeau is going to push for one anyway what happened to the evidence based government?

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