Critics say Tesla Model 3 not going mainstream just yet

Tesla recently boasted 325,000 pre orders of its Model 3 “electric car” but some critics are saying hold up a second, most of the orders are from techy rich environmentalists. While electric cars are trying to become mainstream thanks to government tax credits and vast media friendly stories the future still up in the air as far as we’re concerned.

DETROIT—Demand for Tesla’s new Model 3 has been eye-popping, with consumers pre-ordering about $13.7 billion worth of the electric sedans nearly two years before they go on sale.

Yet experts aren’t yet ready to proclaim it’s a tipping point with mainstream America moving from burning gasoline to charging batteries.

The reason? Most of the 325,000 people worldwide who put down $1,000 deposits are tech-savvy, environmentally conscious early adopters who see Tesla as an innovative brand that meets their needs. The $35,000 price tag and the Model 3’s 215-mile range are important, but the brand’s tech image and CEO Elon Musk’s success in cars, rockets and solar panels are the main drivers.

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