Dominic LeBlanc once accused the Conservative government of “abuse of power” for Senate appointees

Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc is being accused of giving his close friends cushy jobs.

According to reports an advocacy group is asking the federal conflict of interest and ethics commissioner to look into why Dominic LeBlanc’s friends scored high end paying jobs working as judicial appointees in the province of New Brunswick.

Ironically Dominic LeBlanc once complained when then PM Stephen Harper wanted to appoint 33 Senate appointees.

Government House leader Dominic LeBlanc said these appointments constituted an “abuse of power” by the Conservative government and sent each of the 33 a letter asking him or her to voluntarily step down and reapply

The investigation found Five of the last six federal appointments announced in New Brunswick include Leblanc’s neighbour, a LeBlanc family relation and three lawyers who helped retire debts from his unsuccessful 2008 leadership bid. LeBlanc is currently minister of intergovernmental affairs, northern affairs and internal trade.

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