Elizabeth May says politicians could be in legal trouble if they don’t believe in climate change

We’ve heard David Suzuki say that we should jail people who don’t believe in climate change, now Green Party leader Elizabeth May says that if politicians don’t believe in climate change in the future they could end being in trouble with the law. The Straight reported May’s comments at this years Vancouver Pride parade.

“The bar has to be: have you set a course and do you have a plan to hold to 1.5 degrees Celsius global average temperature increase [since the start of the Industrial Revolution] and not go above that?

“And if you don’t have that plan in place, then you are as culpable as much as the oil executives and the deniers,” May continued

The article doesn’t indicate whether or not Elizabeth May would be in favor of jailing politicians who don’t follow the “man made” global warming theory. But it is a tad scary to think a politician that may well be part of a coalition government this coming elections would suggest such thing.

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