George Soros and Trudeau meet at Davos

According to the press Soros had some mixed reviews about Trudeau says “He’s too optimistic about the global economy”

Mr. Soros told the Prime Minister that he was not stressed about the Canadian economy, calling it a stable place to invest, but felt Mr. Trudeau was too optimistic about the global economy.

He also praised the progressive values of the new Liberal government.

“It’s welcome back to the Canada that we know, and on a global scale,” said Mr. Soros, 85, considered one of the world’s most successful hedge-fund managers.

Soros for his part has made billions by selling short versus international currencies and loves collapsing financial institutions.

And what about Soros and his funding of environmental groups in Canada? According to former Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver who blamed environmental advocates for “exploiting loopholes” and causing regulatory delays that could kill important projects like Northern Gateway.

Trudeau and George Soros at Davos


  • Mike Bromley

    Soros gets only what the Rothschilds bleed off. And that’s no small potatoes. To see “champion of the middle class” Trudeau almost curtseying to Soros is a vile an image as can be imagined.

  • AlbertaGirl2013

    Obama worked hand in hand with the OIC – Organization of Islamic Cooperation which is an org of 56 countries working with the UN to make criticism of Islam ILLEGAL world wide. OF COURSE Trudeau would follow BFF Obama and do anything the U.N asks of him. Trudeau is as thick in this elitist group as it gets and in my opinion the most dangerous PM this country has ever had. In my entire life.. 50 yrs, I’ve never seen a PM work so hard to change this country into one of HIS OWN IMAGE, or remove Canadians rights and freedoms as this PM. I have yet to see Trudeau do one thing that helps ALL Canadians, his every move has been to help the very groups that would cause the most division in this country, its like he is purposely trying to divide Canadians and cause rage.
    Supporting Muslims rights, Islam taught in schools when the Christian religion was kicked out long ago, supporting segregation of women and men/boys and girls, (while calling himself a feminist – which would be funny if it wasn’t SO absurd! lol), RCMP wearing head scarves… and on and on.. while we watch the U.K and Europe collapse and pushed ever closer to civil uprisings against the takeover of Islam pushing out their native cultures. While he keeps importing tens of thousands of Muslims and laughs at the mere suggestion of bringing more Christians and Yazidi’s suffering through GENOCIDE, then states on NATIONAL TV that CANADA’S ARMS ARE OPEN TO THE 11 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS LIVING IN AMERICA WHO ARE UNDER THREAT OF DEPORTATION AS TRUMP ENFORCES AMERICAN LAWS.
    By the way, watch the American senate hearings on illegal immigration, you may be shocked to learn Homeland Security state there were over 60.000 illegal immigrant criminals CONVICTED OF SERIOUS CRIMES ie-MURDER, RAPE, TRAFFICKING… that were RELEASED back into American society and disappeared again. Knowing that tid bit of info where do you think those illegals will be heading…back to their country? OR INTO THE WELCOMING ARMS OF TRUDEAU?
    It is these very decisions made over and over again that is enraging Canadians and causing hate of Islam/Muslims, these over and above our understanding of Islam being completely opposite to Canadian culture and values – added to M103 and our knowing this IS a path to silencing our criticism of both Islam AND Trudeau, these are causing the very hate Trudeau says he wants to stop.
    Either Trudeau thinks Canadians are stupid and are falling for the disinformation out of Europe about their immigrant/Islam problems OR he is totally blind to his creation of this mess in Canada, OR he is doing it purposely with a greater agenda in the shadows.
    Time to wake up Canada, NOW.

  • Daryl Duhamel

    Justin Trudeau is a chip off his father’s block. Pierre’s immigration plans were to discourage the nationalism he saw growing from world war11 – He has the same socialist (communist) outlook – the same disdain for Canada or any Democracy – disdain for our military (as evidenced by the military eviction) a gullible puppet of Soros and the same desire for world recognition. Remember Pierre’s world tour when he left office? Parading his world’s advice for peace? The world laughed at Pierre – just as they are doing to Justin. He’s a political joke and an embarrassment to Canada.

  • amkali

    Another example of foreign interference in Canada. Canada is a very special country and everyone wants a piece of us for themselves and Canada as a nation will disappear if we don’t start saying no to foreigners wanting to change us.

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