Justin Trudeau approves Site C permits and breaks the hearts of his environmentalists base

Trudeau for the first time in his tenure of PM has upset his environmentalist friends by approving the Site C dam in B.C. Elizabeth May who is Trudeau’s top cheerleader was not happy this time around saying “Such shocking news. #SiteC: Feds quietly issue permits for project, ignoring First Nations treaty rights”

Then there was the Concerned Scholars, the elite academics.

VICTORIA — There was no overlooking the sense of relief among the B.C. Liberals this week at news that the federal government had green-lighted permits necessary for construction to proceed on the hydroelectric dam at Site C on the Peace River.

New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Calls for him to stall Site C in the face of court challenges. Protests from environmentalists and First Nations. Concerns that any holdup in permitting could disrupt a construction schedule dependent on seasonal weather, water flows and other contingencies.

Ottawa came through in the end, approving permits under fisheries and navigable rivers legislation, necessary for B.C. Hydro to begin the work in the river itself as a prelude to diverting the flow and constructing the earthworks dam. Still, it was a last minute thing.


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