Kathleen Wynne threatens opposition party leader with lawsuit

Kathleen Wynne is planning on suing Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown.

Wynne’s lawyers wrote a letter to Patrick Brown on Wednesday warning that he could face legal action unless he withdrew statements he made about the premier’s role in a Liberal bribery trial.

The letter says the Progressive Conservative leader told reporters Tuesday that Wynne was standing trial, when in fact she is not on trial or even under investigation, but is offering voluntary testimony.

It was made public moments before the premier took the witness stand at the trial in Sudbury, Ont., where two former Liberal staffers are facing bribery charges under the Election Act.

Kathleen Wynne who is going to testify in Liberal bribery trial, was questioned about who is funding the defense.

Patrick Brown says he’s not faced with Kathleen Wynne’s threats.

Wynne’s re-election bid isn’t looking too good either, she currently has 24% approval rating with majority of people wanting a new government.

As for media coverage of the trial, CTV News has been accused of bias.




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