Kathleen Wynne’s radical environmental agenda is replacing farmland for solar farms

Ontario Liberals continue to push their radical green agenda and their latest target is a private farm south of Peterborough.

Liberals are turning their backs on farmers for the sake of the environment.

“We’re going to do whatever we can, as long as we can, to make sure that that project never happens,” said John Kordas, who says he’s not against solar power or solar farms; he identifies as pro-land.

“We are vehemently opposed to changing this land into a barbed-wire-surrounded, industrial complex to meet the energy projects that nobody wants or needs,” he added.

His issue is with four acres of private farmland near Campbellcroft that is the proposed site of a 600-kilowatt solar farm.

Kordas and other residents gathered Tuesday to protest the development and urge fellow land owners to remember that prime agricultural land is used only for farming.

“We lose 365 acres of a land a day to development and the OFA (Ontario Federation of Agriculture) feels that should be stopped,” said OFA regional director Bruce Butter.

Landowner Kari Beatty questioned the backlash from her neighbours since the property is private and she says tests prove the land in question is not good for farming in the first place. Government soil maps show a mix of good Class 2 land and bad Class 6 soil, although there is some question as to the health of the soil, as independent tests yield different results.

“It’s going to be an industrial wasteland, full of construction and dirt,” said Melanie Cook, who lives across from the proposed site. “We’re going to be looking out our window and seeing a solar farm every single day.”


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