Micheal Phelps breaks Olympic record set over 2000 years ago by Leonidas of Rhodes

Michael Phelps just broke a record set more than 2000 years ago on Thursday by winning his 22nd gold medal 13th individually combined in the 200 meters.

Before his victory in the final 200 meter butterfly last Tuesday in Rio 2016, Phelps had matched the 12 individual victories in Olympic history who was previously attributed to Leonidas of Rhodes, in the year 152 BC.

Leonidas of Rhodes was, according to The Washington Post, a runner who won three first place finishes in four Olympic ancient games games.

In 164 BC, Leonidas won three titles in short and middle distance athletics races: Stadion (a little less than 200 meters), the diaulos (about 400 meters), and hoplitodromos ( race with full armor ). Leonidas repeated the feat in 160 BC, 156 BC and 152 BC.

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