Minister of Sports is hosting climate change town halls

Delta MP Carla Qualtrough has been personally chosen by Trudeau to the Minister of Sport portfolio, as such she is in charge of Canada’s Olympic future and its funding, but why is she taking part in climate change town halls, what does that have to do with sports?

According to local sources, Qualtrough held climate change talks in Surrey:

Delta MP Carla Qualtrough and Surrey Centre MP Randeep Sarai are co-hosting a town hall meeting on climate change Monday.

The forum at L.A. Matheson Secondary, 9484-122nd St., Surrey, will be an opportunity for Delta and Surrey residents to provide their input on what should form Canada’s climate action plan. MPs across the country are hosting similar meetings.

Nothing to do with sports.

So why was she chosen as Minister of Sport? One guess would be that Carla Qualtrough has always been a social justice warrior. Her background as a human rights lawyer and background in political science have very little to do with sports in general.

This sends a troubling sign for future Canadian Olympians since it seems at least for now that the Liberals are more focused on social issues relating to sports, unlike the previous Conservative government that was focused on winning medals at the games.


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  1. “nothing to do with sports”

    – just as climate change has nothing to do with science –

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