Muslim Congressman Ilhan Omar supports BDS but uses Israeli technology

The American Muslim congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, is known for her anti-Semitic positions and recently proposed a law to promote the boycott against Israel.

However, a simple internet check shows that Omar uses Israeli technology on her official website.

The pro-Israeli activist Joshua Maraney revealed that the website of the Democratic congresswoman was made using Wix, a well-known Israeli platform to create web pages.

Omar has been harshly criticized in recent weeks by US President Donald Trump, along with other Democratic congressmen for her “anti-Israel”, anti-US and pro-terrorism positions.

In the past, Ilhan Omar has repeatedly expressed herself openly against Israel with typical anti-Semitic expressions.

In 2012, Omar tweeted that “Israel hypnotizes the world” and last February hinted that the United States’ support for Israel is due exclusively for economic interest.

Last February, the organization “Israel Advocacy Movement” revealed that also the Muslim Democratic Congressman Rashida Tlaib, who has expressed support for the boycott movement against Israel also uses Wix for her website.

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