Nanny Statism: Government tells people they are fat then What?

Do we really need to develop special “tools” and programs to tell people, and kids, they are…FAT??

Guess so. Here is what’s happening in Ontario.

As part of its strategy to keep Ontario healthy, the Ontario government has set an ambitious goal to reduce childhood obesity by 20 per cent over five years. In support, Public Health Ontario developed a comprehensive primer of scientific evidence and data to inform the work of Ontario’s Healthy Kids Panel and its resulting No Time to Wait: the Healthy Kids Strategy.

Note the key words: The Ontario government has a problem with OBESITY. Since when is this a states issue?

Lets see what else the media is saying:

According to the report, the global cost of treating obesity-related illnesses will be US$1.2 trillion each year beginning in 2025. By the same year, there will be an estimated 2.7 billion overweight and obese people in the world — that’s a third of Earth’s population.

Yep…and you know what? You can lead a horse to a water pond but you can’t force it to drink. You can tell people, including kids, they are fat but it won’t make them change their eating/exercise habits IF THEY DON’T WANT to change.

Most overweight people KNOW they have a problem…some choose to do something about and others do not. We cannot mandate or force them to follow our ideals of health and wellness.

These programs are a total waste of money.


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