Ontario Liberals allegedly tried to keep gas-plant emails info secret

The Ontario Liberal gas plant scandal is finally gearing up at the courts. The scandal circles around the mandate by then Premier Dalton McGuinty to cancel the construction of two gas plants near Mississauga back in 2011, the decision was purely political to persuade voters who opposed the project.

Then end result was Ontario tax payers were left with a $1.1 Billion debt, and ultimately higher energy costs.

The two culprits include David Livingston and Laura Miller, Livingston, used to be the chief of staff to disgraced Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty who had to resign after the scandal news broke.

The pair allegedly erased data related to the gas plants. According to CTV[via] “In her unproven opening statement, prosecutor Sarah Egan said the accused were responsible for the “double deletion” of sensitive emails about the power plants as a way to keep them secret and thwart the public’s right to accountability and transparency.”

“Acting together, they destroyed records that they had a legal duty to preserve,” Egan told Ontario court Judge Timothy Lipson. “They acted contrary to the public interest.”

The trial, slated to last six weeks, was to have started hearing witnesses on Sept. 11. However, the hearing was put over until Friday when the defence complained about late and incomplete information the Crown was obliged to hand over.

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