Ontario to create new bureaucracy around Marijuana

Liberals are always trying new things, this time they’re trying to outsmart your local drug dealer. New coercive action by Kathleen Wynne will create government “mafia” style control and not rely on  the free markets for marijuana sales.

The media reported today that Ontario will open 40 stores that will sell marijuana by next summer all in the attempt to “crack” down on illegal drugs.

“At first I was pretty happy that they had a plan,” says Peter Thurley, who uses marijuana to reduce his consumption of opioids, which he was prescribed to help him manage the pain from a burst bowel. “But I quickly came to realize that that the plan as it’s laid out is essentially a full government monopoly.”

“I think it’s very important to think about who this is benefiting,” she says. “It’s not really for accessibility of people who are sick.”

Grant says the regulation prohibiting the public consumption of marijuana signifies that the province isn’t prioritizing medicinal users. “A person who needs their medicine, and it happens to be marijuana, why can’t they take their medicine in a park?” she says.

“It doesn’t make sense to bring in a whole host of new hires and set the system out in such a way that people who actually know about cannabis are excluded from the conversation.”

The Liberal government is continuing to show its lack of regard for the public and instead its the same old Liberal corruption. Legal marijuana is said to be taxed at over 40% meaning that the local drug dealers will continue to function selling drugs at a much loser cost.

“Most of (the new stores) will be in the GTA,” he says. “Imagine the kid from Huron County. Are they going to travel an hour and a half to Kitchener or London to pick up legal cannabis? Or are they going to go to the dealer that they’ve always gone to down the street?”

The government has said it will sell marijuana online to people who don’t live near major cities, but that’s still less convenient than a neighbourhood pot dealer, Thurley says.


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