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    When ethics violation lead to criminal investigations

    With the recent conflict of interest allegations being made against Bill Morneau regarding his sponsoring of a bill that would have changed pensions in Canada, however such bill could have been beneficial to Morneau’s company since he owns one of the country’s largest pension service providers. The opposition was quick to point out the obvious conflict of interest, Morneau could easily benefit millions from changes to Canada’s pension plan, for this reason Morneau has met with the Ethics Commissioner but it doesn’t pass the smell test, this seems like Morneau is greasing his tracks. Taking care of himself and screwing the citizens. Pretty much the definition of government since the…

  • United States

    George Papadopoulos a one time foreign policy advisor to Trump charged with lying to FBI

    George Papadopoulos, a former adviser to Donald Trump’s election campaign, pleaded guilty to lying about his ties with Russia, the special prosecutor investigating the alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election last year announced on Monday. The indictment for George Papadopoulos says he made false statements to FBI agents in January 2017. https://t.co/g67i0PEDGt — Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) October 30, 2017 “Through his false statements and omissions, the defendant Papadopoulos prevented the FBI’s ongoing investigation into the existence of links or coordination between individuals associated with the campaign and the efforts of the Russian government to interfere with the 2016 presidential elections,” he stressed. the indictment signed by the special…

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    Morneau not the only Liberal to use loopholes to hide wealth

    Just when you thought you’d hear the end of Liberals being unethical, now the Ethics watchdog is sounding the alarm after other Liberal cabinet ministers are using the same loophole that got Finance Minister Bill Morneau in trouble. The Globe and Mail reported, A number of other Trudeau cabinet ministers are in the same situation as Finance Minister Bill Morneau and have managed to retain control of assets they would be required to divest if this wealth wasn’t being held indirectly through a holding company or similar mechanism. Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson’s office declines to identify the ministers, citing confidentiality rules, but confirms that a handful…

  • Liberal Scandals

    Liberal government accused of purchasing luxury vehicles

    A freedom of information request has just revealed that the office of the Minister of the Environment has purchased quite a few luxury vehicles. “Climate Barbie” Catherine McKenna caught buying luxury cars – The Rebel https://t.co/wtOkSZDqGT — Ezra Levant 🍁 (@ezralevant) October 30, 2017 According to The Rebel, Behind the scenes, Minister McKenna has been signing off on Porches, Mercedes Benz, and Lexus cars for her department’s use. McKenna signed off on not one but two luxury Porsche vehicles. But don’t worry, they were used cars — so the one only cost us $67,000 dollars and the other was a mere $63,000. And the Lexus McKenna signed off came in…

  • Ontario

    Bernie Sanders endorses Kathleen Wynne, praises Canada’s healthcare

    This year Toronto has seen the likes of Hilary Clinton, Barrack Obama, an now Bernie Sanders. The man who inspired millions with his social democratic message but ultimately failed to win the U.S. Democratic Party’s presidential nomination last year was introduced by Wynne at a packed event at the University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall. Dr David Jacobs points out both countries need health reform. Sanders has as much of a chance of becoming the next US President as I do. Both countries need healthcare reform.https://t.co/IAM621m04L — David Jacobs (@DrJacobsRad) October 29, 2017 Should Canadians take advice from someone who has openly supported Maduro and Chavez  ? Bernie raved about Nicolas…

  • United States

    Former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort, charged with conspiring against the US, Podesta brother in FBI radar

    Paul Manafort, the former campaign chief of Donald Trump, has turned himself in to the FBI on Monday as part of the investigation into the Russian plot by special prosecutor Robert Mueller. According to US media, a grand jury, accepted on Friday the first charges filed by Robert Mueller investigator involved in the Russian probe. Manafort has been charged with the crime of “conspiracy against the United States” and attempts to launder money, among others. Together with a partner of his, Rick Gates, they have been hit with 12 criminal charges. Even though the charges appear serious, there is little to link President Trump. CNN's Jeffrey Toobin: Trump Campaign NOT…

  • Media

    Musician at Halifax music show asks white people to move to the back

    What is going on in Halifax ? A musician by the name of Lido Pimienta took to the stage at a Halifax music festival and made an unusual request, she actually asked white people to move to the back. In Canada? What happened to “The True North strong and free.“ The Halifax Pop Explosion music festival is apologizing for the actions of a photographer who refused to acquiesce to Pimienta’s request during her October 19 show. Her refusal to do so was considered an “interruption” and deemed an act of “overt racism,” according to the festival’s board of directors, who are now promising to make changes to the event. This…

  • Technology

    Canadians need to worry about their privacy and do you trust the government with your data?

    Do you think your private data is safe? A recent story posted on Global News[via] about a disturbing break of privacy has left many Canadians worried. The story titled “Appalling’ privacy breach as Canadian officials share sensitive info of Brazil woman with man in Ontario” is just one example how government agencies can’t be trusted with our data. When it comes to “data gathering” there are two types of information gatherers, commercial/private and government, and they must be treated separately. Much of the press condemns private information and then accepts government information when they should be doing the opposite. The crucial difference is that private information is gathered from voluntary…

  • Alberta

    New poll suggests United Conservative Party would easily defeat Notley’s NDP

    The United Conservative Party is riding high in the polls. The United Conservative Party (UCP) is choosing their leader this weekend, but a poll is showing that regardless of who wins that race, a majority of Albertans would vote for the party if the election were held today. The polling was done by students at Lethbridge College under the direction of professor Faron Ellis. They interviewed 1,481 Albertans contacted on landline and cellular telephone between Sept. 30 and Oct. 5. It found that province-wide, 55.8 per cent would vote for the UCP and 19.3 per cent for the NDP. The Liberals came third with 12.8 per cent of respondents, with…

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    Liberals want Public Service Union PSHCP to provide free contraceptives

    At a time where the majority of Canadians don’t have any pharmaceutical coverage, Liberals want to provide free contraceptives to government workers. The Public Sector Union will soon provide its workers free contraceptives of their choice, according ot Scott Brison. I agree with #PublicService unions: Women should have choice of contraceptives. We’ll get them covered under #PSHCP. pic.twitter.com/Jfwbyoh7fW — Scott Brison (@scottbrison) October 26, 2017

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    Major scandal brewing for Bill Morneau

    Bill Morneau the Liberal Finance Minister just can’t shake off bad press these days. Morneau is facing major scrutiny from the opposition party for his links to his private company Morneau Shepell a human resources services and technology company headquartered in Toronto. You see Morneau’s company is involved with many public and private companies that benefit from government grants and infrastructure projects, to make matters worst Morneau failed to inform the ethics commissioner that he still has shares in his company and not in a blind trust. This is a huge conflict of interest because Canadian taxes are going directly into Morneau’s company. One major hurdle for Morneau is his…

  • Liberal Scandals

    Kent Hehr in trouble for using his power to help his dad become a school trustee

    Kent Hehr is in the hot seat, for using his office to help his dad become a school trustee, Conservatives are calling it nepotism. .@kenthehr used MP title & office to campaign for his dad's bid for school trustee. Liberals have a nepotism problem! pic.twitter.com/UHNcB2An6M — CPC Calgary-Centre (@yyccentreCPC) October 25, 2017 How about those House of Commons rules ? The federal Conservatives are accusing Kent Hehr of breaking House of Commons rules as he campaigned with his dad. https://t.co/6a4VnhmU0P — Calgary Herald (@calgaryherald) October 25, 2017 Liberals breaking the rules seems to normal these days just ask Bill Morneau.

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    Former Liberal insider: Trudeau will possibly receive backlash in the future, regarding a possible terrorist attack

    At a recent  Hart House Debate a panel of liberal experts gathered to debate Trudeau’s first two years in office while the debate circled mainly praising Trudeau, he was also condemned for failing to deliver on electoral reform. But an interesting comment was made by one of the panelists, claiming that Trudeau would be to blame if there ever was a terrorist attack in Canada. Karim Bardeesy, a former Director of Policy to the Premier of Ontario, started by stating that the Liberal Party is planning for multiple terms. He pointed out Trudeau’s struggles with NAFTA renegotiations. However, he sees this as a missed opportunity to explain the benefits of…

  • World

    Another “valuable contribution” from the U.N.

    Yes, those weasels at the United Nations who manage to sponge up so much of the taxpayers’ money while accomplishing nothing good — they don’t even unite any nations well actually, they do perform a service for the world: They appoint anti-Westerners to head most of their committees, usually third world dictators, oppose us at every turn where our taking defensive or preemptive action is concerned and they have definitely mastered the art of corruption. And, of course, they’re pretty good at trying to suck us into such things as global gun control for civilians, allowing them to meddle in our internal affairs, imposing a world wide climate change tax…

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    The Rebel’s new right wing of Canada

    Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media is now the new right wing hot spot in Canada. However many conservatives are weary, for example newly Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer has recently distanced himself from Ezra Levant and he is not alone, many young and old conservatives and established CPC members are weary of being interviewed by The Rebel. Rebel Media having just endured mass firings and personalities leaving ship is still alive and strong for this reason Ezra is perhaps entitled to some gloating. But out-and-out arrogance is what we are seeing, as well, and that is what threatens to undo Conservative gains in the long term. Arrogance toward Trudeau’s Liberals isn’t the…

  • Health

    Nanny Statism: Government tells people they are fat then What?

    Do we really need to develop special “tools” and programs to tell people, and kids, they are…FAT?? Guess so. Here is what’s happening in Ontario. As part of its strategy to keep Ontario healthy, the Ontario government has set an ambitious goal to reduce childhood obesity by 20 per cent over five years. In support, Public Health Ontario developed a comprehensive primer of scientific evidence and data to inform the work of Ontario’s Healthy Kids Panel and its resulting No Time to Wait: the Healthy Kids Strategy. Note the key words: The Ontario government has a problem with OBESITY. Since when is this a states issue? Lets see what else…

  • Ontario

    Did CTV News suggest being anti-Trudeau means you’re a racist ?

    This CTV News headline is getting quite a lot of attention for the wrong reasons “Anti-Trudeau, anti-racism demonstrators clash in Toronto; four arrested.” The headline appears to suggest that if you are anti Trudeau, you are also a racist.. [via] A group of anti-Trudeau protesters and anti-racism counter-demonstrators clashed in Toronto on Saturday. Even though the rally was to show displeasure at the Liberal Party, it is wrong to suggest that this also means they are racists. https://twitter.com/anastef62/status/921860818672562176 Excuse languageMedia is fucked saying 80% of Canadians who did not vote Trudeau are far right, extremist, racistshttps://t.co/nDrclWAW4u — Bill Tufts (@BillTufts) October 22, 2017 How can the media claim these anti-racists…

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    Trudeau taking a page from Obama

    Trudeau much like Obama made promises to create jobs but along the way people saw their taxes go up. President Obama had said his number one goal for 2010 was to create jobs, but the abundance of tax increases passed in his 2011 budget contradicted this objective. Higher taxes on businesses, upper-income taxpayers, and fossil fuels; an increased death tax; and Obama added new taxes to pay for health care that help kill jobs and slow economic recovery. Republicans in congress tried to reject these higher taxes and the rest of Obama’s business-killing agenda but ultimately failed. Trudeau also ran a campaign focused on job creation, but instead he’s created…

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    Poll suggests Trudeau majority is gone, Liberals only lead in two provinces

    Nearly two years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are starting to have second thoughts. New Angus Reid poll suggests Trudeau only leads in two provinces. Trudeau’s Liberals have suffered major blows of late, such as the Aboriginal investigation of missing women, NAFTA talks have gone sour, Trudeau also failed to reform voting. Conservatives and Liberals are basically tied right now. [via]    

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    Arrogant Trudeau forces reporters to ask him questions directed to Bill Morneau at tax reform conference

    Trudeau bullies the media. After a very tough week Trudeau decided to pull a Trump style press conference and have the media ask questions, the only problem is Trudeau is supposed be the total opposite of Trump, his image is that of a feminist, he’s soft, and supposedly well like by the media. But on Tuesday Trudeau took a combative role when the press wanted to ask Finance Minister Bill Moreau questions regarding his blind trust, that’s when Trudeau snapped and didn’t allow the media to ask Morneau direct questions,  instead Trudeau insisted “I’ll take questions.” Trudeau’s actions even infuriated his CBC media pals, “Yeah, that was awkward,” CBC’s David…

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    Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau being accused of conflict of interest due to his French villa

    The Liberal Party of Canada is in full panic mode with the recent revelations that its very own Finance Minister failed to disclose one of its private corporations, a French villa owned by Morneau wasn’t previously disclosed to the federal ethics watchdog. This is highly suspicious since Bill Morneau is looking at closing tax loopholes, but critics say his proposed tax changes such as income sprinkling will not affect his company. The media reported that “Bill Morneau didn’t place assets in blind trust” A BNN reporter in Ottawa also reported that only a few MP’s said they have full confidence in Bill Morneau, this is really bad for Liberals as…

  • Crime

    Joshua Boyle and his connection to the Khadr family

    Joshua Boyle, now free after five years of captivity in Afghanistan, is perhaps best known for his brief marriage to Omar Khadr’s older sister. Joshua Boyle, now free after five years of captivity in Afghanistan, is perhaps best known for his brief marriage to Omar Khadr’s older sister. Boyle, the son of an Ottawa tax court judge, was married for about a year to Zaynab Khadr. She’s the eldest daughter of Ahmed Said Khadr, who was accused by the U.S. and Canada of being an associate and financier for the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Ahmed Khadr studied at the University of Ottawa, and the family moved between Canada, Afghanistan and Pakistan.…