Quebec is in no hurry to profit from its natural resources will ban shale fracking, limit oil-and-gas exploration

People in the prairie provinces aren’t too happy with Quebec’s decision to land lock its natural resources, mainly shale fracking and oil and gas explorations.

Global reported that The Quebec government will ban fracking for shale gas and impose stricter rules when it comes to the exploration, extraction and storage of oil and gas.

“The safety of people, of goods and the protection of the environment is a prerequisite,” said Quebec’s Minister of Natural Resources Pierre Moreau as he unveiled the new measures on Wednesday.

Quebec’s move to shut down its oil sector couln’t come at a worst time for the country as Trump’s tariffs are starting to put a damper on Canada’s economy. To make matters worse, Alberta will continue to make record high equalization payments to Quebec.

Brad Wall Tweeted, “This year Quebec will receive $ll.7 billion (62% of the program) of the $l8.9 billion equalization program and yet they refuse to develop their own resources. Should provs who undertake such policies receive a reduced equalization payment?”

The premier of Saskatchewan isn’t too pleased either Tweeting “5 years of zeroes for Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland, while Quebec keeps receiving $50-$60 BILLION.”

It seems rather unfair for Alberta to keep bailing out Quebec.

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