Report states the government is monitoring social media for hateful comments against refugees

Andrew Lawton from True North unleashed a bombshell report stating the federal government is actively monitoring social media sites such as Reddit, Twitter looking for hateful comments regarding Trudeau’s immigration plan, especially with illegal border crossers.

Bureaucrats in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada were “monitoring” social media posts and Reddit threads for “misconceptions” about immigration last summer.

Internal emails obtained exclusively by True North under Access to Information reveal a team of 12 communications and social media staffers reporting and conducting “detailed analysis” on tweets posted not only by Conservative MP Michelle Rempel and People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, but also ordinary Canadians.

The documents date to August 2018, when Bernier took aim at “extreme multiculturalism,” sparking a national discussion about manufactured diversity in Canada.

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel responded to the report by saying “Instead of closing the loophole in the STCA, Trudeau spent hundreds of millions on illegal border crossers and dedicated 12 bureaucrats (?!) from @CitImmCanada to monitor my tweets. (to crats reading this, go do something useful).

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