Stephen Gordon blasts Conservatives for not being enthusiastic about a carbon tax

Stephen Gordon an “economist” has lashed out at Conservatives and their base for not supporting carbon pricing also known as a carbon tax. Its that simple do you support taxing CO2 ?

It’s not going well. Conservatives like to think their command of economics is one of their most valuable assets, and they can fairly take credit for their competent handling of economic policy during the financial crisis. But instead of strengthening their position on this front, Conservatives seem intent on using their time in opposition to weaken it. A party with a minimal understanding of market economics would have long ago abandoned its campaign against the idea of putting a price on carbon. By continuing and amplifying its campaign against using market-based policies to control greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the Conservatives are dismantling their credibility in economics.

The foolishness of the Conservative rhetoric is difficult to overstate, and it takes many forms. For example, there’s the claim that fossil fuels are somehow exempt from the law of demand. According to this argument, higher prices for things such as gasoline won’t actually reduce GHG emissions. Instead of cutting back, people will maintain their consumption patterns, and the only effect of higher prices would be to force them to reduce spending on other things.


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