The RCMP have officially reached out to former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould

Another bombshell was dropped today, as Global News broke the story that the RCMP have officially started an investigation into the SNC Lavalin affair, as Wilson-Raybould broke the news that police contacted her in the spring.

“I haven’t been contacted by the RCMP since they issued their statement but I will say that I have been contacted by the RCMP and that occurred last spring,” Wilson-Raybould said.

However Jody Wilson-Raybould went on to say she is not allowed to talk about the case.

“I’m not at liberty to talk about what we spoke about. That’s confidential, so I’ll leave it at that.”

The story is breaking more will be added in the coming days.

Trudeau shows his disgust for conservatives at Liberal 2018 Convention

While certain media pundits and liberal supporters continue to push Trudeau’s sunny ways message, the Prime Minister was in full combat mode at this years 2018 Halifax Liberal Convention.

‘Fear and division’: Trudeau rips Conservatives in campaign-style speech to supporters

Painting conservatives as divisive and threatening is a common tactic in Canadian politics by progressive parties as a way to control the narrative, this time around Trudeau is trying to paint conservatives as anti carbon tax, and anti immigrant.

Keep in mind this is the same Trudeau government that has banned Christian groups from receiving funding due to their pro life beliefs, not to mention the many Liberal MP’s who have called conservatives Nazis, Neanderthals.


Trudeau didn’t realize Rouge Park was already created by the Conservatives

Today Justin Trudeau took to social media to announce the “opening” of Rouge Park and took credit for what he thinks is Canada’s first urban park.

But Trudeau was immediately called out for his lie by former Conservative MP Paul Calandra who reminded Trudeau that the park was already established by then Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Not only did Trudeau lie about creating the park he voted against its creation as well, ouch…

Paul Calandra finally toasted Trudeau by saying Justin Trudeau visists Rouge takes credit for a park created by Stephen Harper and he voted against, forgets to mention of his broken promise.

Canada’s economy contracts 0.2 per cent

Do you remember Trudeau preaching that his infrastructure spending will help Canada’s economy? Guess what it hasn’t, as a matter of fact with a massive deficit and billions more added to the debt it will be nearly impossible for Canada’s economy to flourish.

The Canadian economy appears to be losing steam as it heads into the second quarter, which is expected to be a tough period made worse by the Alberta wildfires.

Statistics Canada said Tuesday the economy contracted by 0.2 per cent in March for a second consecutive negative month as real gross domestic product grew at a slower-than-expected pace in the first quarter.

David Watt, chief economist at HSBC Bank Canada, says the economy is struggling to maintain its underlying momentum.

Trudeau escapes House of Commons after elbowing female MP in the chest

Trudeau had to be escorted out of the House of Commons after physically manhandling an opposition MP and elbowing another MP in the chest.

Trudeau is quoted as saying “get the fuck out of they way” before he grabbed Conservative MP by the arm.

NDP politicians speaking out what they saw when Trudeau got out of his seat visibly angry and “manhandle” opposition MP’s

Global National was one of the first to report on the aggressive manners of Canada’s Prime Minister.

Liberals threaten to form dictatorship as they plan to take control of the House of Commons

The federal Liberal government is fed up with the opposition delaying their pet projects that they are now threatening take over full control of the House of Commons, via a dictatorship.

image 3

The opposition parties are pushing back after Liberal House Leader Dominc LeBlanc gave notice the government could seize control of the House of Commons.

LeBlanc has given notice of a motion that would let the Liberals force overnight debates and adjourn the House for the summer without any notice and with no debate. The motion would also restrict the opposition parties’ ability to slow down proceedings.

The NDP and Conservatives are protesting the Liberal motion, arguing the Speaker should find it out of order. But MPs said they wanted to debate C-14, the assisted dying bill, so they put off much of the discussion for another day.

“This is a sad day for our democracy,” NDP House Leader Peter Julian told the House. The Liberal motion would rewrite the House rules in 17 different ways “so that they, the executive, have unilateral control over all the procedural tools in the House.”


Trudeau finally visits Fort McMurray, pushes green agenda and offers no specifics on aid

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau already criticized about his late appearance visiting Fort McMurray, finally showed up on Friday and brought well wishes but no monetary aid nor did he offer any long term goal to get Ottawa involved in helping out.

Also Trudeau pushed his “green” infrastructure policies which he claims could be used to rebuild Fort McMurray.

He praised Albertans who’ve responded generously to help displaced evacuees and First Nations communities that welcomed fleeing Fort McMurray residents.

According to Paula Simons the Prime Minister offered no straightforward answers.

“The federal government has your back,” Trudeau said late Friday afternoon at a press conference at the provincial’s central operations centre in a west Edmonton industrial park. “Canada will be there for you.”

Even if people feel hopeless, he said, “know that you are not alone.”

But reporters who pressed for specifics saw Trudeau’s famous charm slip a bit, as he batted away the questions, with some asperity, as if they were a nuisance.

He wanted to tell a story about seeing a child’s scooter, still intact, but abandoned on the sidewalk, with burnt out houses all around it. He wanted to stress how wonderful it was that the child who had been playing with that scooter is somewhere safe, a survivor of the destruction all around.

He even mentioned that some of Canada’s new “green” infrastructure funding might be used for fire mitigation projects in northern communities such as Wood Buffalo.

But how much federal disaster relief will there be for Fort McMurray? How much federal infrastructure money might the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo hope to expect? Where might that money come from? When might it start to flow?

On Friday, at least, Trudeau offered neither answers nor hints.


#PrayForSophie brings awareness to the culture of entitlement

Speaking of entitlements, the #PrayForSophie hashtag is starting pickup steam in Tweeter after it was learned that Grégoire Trudeau complained that she is being overworked.

The Trudeau’s currently have their own family cook, two nannies and a few assistants for Grégoire Trudeau.

Grégoire Trudeau has one staffer now, but told Quebec City’s Le Soleil earlier this week that she needs a team to help her serve people.

Now her husband the Prime Minister of Canada is looking into making her life a little easier by looking to add more staff to help her cope her daily work, which is what exactly?

“I want to be everywhere, but I can’t,” she told the newspaper, adding she has three children and a husband who is prime minister. “I need help. I need a team to help me serve people.”

Grégoire Trudeau currently has one staffer, and told Le Soleil that she works from her dining room table rather than having an office in Langevin Block, the building that houses the PMO.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed a Globe and Mail report that the office is looking at providing additional staff.

The millionaire couple needs tax payers to pay for their social affiliations.

If the Queen can work in McDonalds for charity why can’t Grégoire Trudeau?

How about a Phil Collins concert ?




Liberals to spend tax payer money in government sponsored promotional campaign

Trudeau promised not to run anymore government sponsored ads, but looks like he just broke that promise.

image 1

Trudeau makes an appearance in a yet-to-be-released video created for Destination Canada, the Crown corporation that promotes Canadian tourism domestically and abroad.

The video is part of a campaign that is intended to promote Canada’s food and restaurant culture to U.S. tourists. It features a conversation between Trudeau and American celebrity chef Kristen Kish.

The video was recorded last month at trendy Montreal restaurant Garde Manger with chef Chuck Hughes at an undisclosed expense to Destination Canada.

Treasury Board President Scott Brison on Thursday announced new rules to prohibit partisanship in government — including a ban on ministers, MPs and senators from appearing in government ads.

But the Prime Minister’s Office says that the tourism video Trudeau appears in is not subject to this restriction.


Liberals to overturn Conservative legislation that prevented marriage fraud, protected women from abuse

John Ivison just exposed another Liberal legislation that reverses the good work done by Conservatives, in this case protecting Canadians from marriage fraud, now that Liberals are in charge Canadians will be more at risk from being defrauded by sham marriages and leave women vulnerable to abuse. [via]

So much for our feminist Prime Minister.

In 2012, the Conservatives introduced conditional visas to crack down on marriage fraud by people seeking permanent residence status in Canada.

People in a relationship for less than two years, with no biological children, must wait two years before they qualify for permanent resident status.

Julie Taub, an immigration lawyer in Ottawa, said the two-year conditional residency has resulted in a dramatic drop in marriages of convenience.

“Before the imposition of the two-year residency requirement, I would receive at least one call from a Canadian victim per week. I rarely receive any calls anymore,” she said.

The existing legislation also protects women from abuse, not anymore.

But Immigration Minister John McCallum is trying to change the work Conservatives did just to appease the Liberal base.

“They (the government) want to do undo everything and drop the two-year conditional residency. The whole outlook now is what is in the best interests of foreign nationals, not Canada.”